Apr. 19th, 2010

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★ Prom! Prom was fabu. Especially taking my sister, who followed me around the whole time and acted cute |3 I'll get pics eventually and I am shocked that I was able to eat about three days worth of sugar and not get any digestion problems =w=

★ Silent Hill Shattered Memories makes me want to punch babies. Its so unscary to the point where I could play it (Which is saying a lot) You're never in any real danger ever and if you die, there's practically no penalty. And they turned an old evil cultist witch into a stripper slut who seduces the main character which makes me want to gag. Where is my blood and guts and deep symbolism?

★ I am going to watch this series. Somebody remind me when it starts up.
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I hate my programming teacher, really she can't be assed to check her assignments more then once every week or so? And I have another group project for operating systems. Bad news is that everybody except me hasn't done a damn thing despite having only two weeks to do it and only one week left. Good news is that its just a two page paper I could do an hour or so and turn it in by myself while passing a note to the teacher of how the work was divided. Then my entire group except myself would get a 0 on something that's supposed to be 20% of our entire grade. Which would be mean but if they can't bother to respond to emails/pick a damn section to work on/do anything productive then they deserve it :|

In slightly happier news, I have a ficlet idea about Kazama and Dick Pitt being brothers and Takuya is the little nephew and they go out to visit Takuya's daddy's grave. And lament and crap.

I use too many ands.


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