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I need somebody who's played Okami the whole way through. I have one question. Is it still possible to play your old save after beating the final boss or must you be required to play New Game + derp derp.

Also I has a plurk for keeping up with friends and people in games. Go add me.
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omg I passed the class \o/! I feel so much better, especially since I just came back from Celebration Station.

Oh and

[ profile] caps_pokeymans
[ profile] caps_pokeymans
[ profile] caps_pokeymans

Plz be joining, fellow Pokemon fans.
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I am finally back from my filler episode in the mountains lolz. And let me tell you internet, having the maximum high get only up to the low 90s and cool mid 80s most of the day is a refresher indeed.

And why isn't there any place that sells water shoes even when they have tubing over there -_- Or at least cheapass shoes that we can borrow.

So anyway I have the next 3 weeks off between the end of summer classes and the beginning of my full time fall ones. Maybe I should read One Piece finally but Onemanga closing down is a bit of a turn off X_x
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Changed my layout again, mainly I hated how small the text was on the old one. Also a new header with a lolobvious subject material made by [ profile] somatosensation since I hardly ever have access to PCS 3 ;w;

Anyway, I'll be on a trip to a mountain resort this weekend, so I will be sparse but I'll try to be on AIM or Twitter. But I do have my own room this time soo it'll work out :D
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Yesterday I was digging around and found a nice site about Sailor Moon: Another Story. While I haven't actually played the game in yeas I gave it shot again (I lost interest after getting past the second chapter because my game files were baleeted and I hate redoing stuff). I love this game, even if grinding can be a chore at least its so easy I can do it one handed. So cute with all the little voice acting and snes music goodness. Only problem is that its so easy to miss the best equipment in the game :x

I have to do some homework and make some posts for my arepees, but I feel like shit after only sleeping for two hours because of a godawful stomach ache. Meh, I can get it done tomorrow.


Jul. 13th, 2010 08:57 pm
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Originally posted by [ profile] nyxmidnight at PSA

now that's out of the way, time to watch Digimon Xros
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God, another mmo to drain away my time for hours XD

In other news I am liking this new LJ stylish layout
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I accidentally deleted a couple of AIM handles. If you get a message about me readding you when you sign onto AIM, that's probably why.

Also friends cut :x Mainly just dead/deleted journals this time
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Don't really feel like cutting this since its only two non spoilery pictures

Ohhh god way to hit the nostragia buttons

Look at this, you know its badass

Gah, Im kinda lurkwarm about the cross evolutions replacing apparently the traditional transforming. Not to say GATTAI! is bad but its not something I looked for in digimon

Also lurkwarm about apparently staying put in the Digimon world, buuut I'll get used to it

Why no ending present? Did it run out of time?

Annd I fucking want the new evolution song, Im a sucker for anything Wada Koujish
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Gah, I hate my stupid fail of a computer. I want to run windows movie player dammit >:[

Anyway, somebody wake me up whenever a raw of the first digimon cross wars episode gets uploaded.
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Happy 4th, my American bretheren. Gonna head out for some good ole cookout food in a minute.

But before that, I have a meme :3!

Give me one fandom and I'll tell you two things that make me smile and two things that me frown/headesk/explode in gifs
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I have the most fucking amazing fandom friends <3

Anyway, not much going on today other then enjoying my sweet peace of not having a brother around, since he went on a trip. Oh and has anybody gotten their notifs to work right yet?
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Spent most of the day watching Jackie Chan Adventures and now I just finished working on a 5D's crack fic starring the tenors playing an mmo

Also, have a meme stolen from [ profile] shinai
an 80 questions meme! )
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I'm probably going to not be able to get this out as coherently as I wished to, since I literally just woke up ten minutes prior.

cut for rambles )


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