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Ugh maybe today I'll finally get my door back on. It's been removed for about a month because my parents don't like me locking it. As long as they don't keep adding shit for me to do to earn it back. Especially when they promised to put it back two weeks ago @_@ Would be nice to be able to change in my room or not having people openly entering my room to their leisure.

On a positive note, I've been having good luck on the zOMG! MMO on Gaia when it comes to random crews in Shallow Sea. It's notoriously hard to find a good crew that doesn't suck by dropping out or inviting people who are too low among other things. Hell I've had crews that have left me to die while fighting mobs. It's a refresher and brings in the gold ❤ ❤ ❤
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Dear Mom, seriously SERIOUSLY you just almost told me that I shouldn't be watching Gurren Lagann because I told you there were anti evolution themes in it? You only didn't disapprove because the anti evolution ones are the baddies. Seriously, how close minded and sheltered do you want to make me? Now I'm really tempted to show you Saya no Uta or Code Gayass because those shows are definitely not black and white as far as morals go.

Oh well, off to the dentist then I'll come back and see if 5D's is uploaded so I can watch the adorable fire spirit thing <3~
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Okay Immi I was wrong 8| )

And in non 5D's related news!

★ I'm watching the [ profile] gurren_lagann community like a hawk for any signs of a non-torrent version of Lagann-hen. Hopefully one will be available by this weekend so I can watch with Icey~

★ Mom has strep throat ><;; and is mostly sleeping through the day, but still helping out when I can

★ For some reason, I have been compelled to start back on watching a play through on Bully again, if only because its amusing and I got bored at 2am this morning.

dear lord

Jan. 20th, 2010 10:01 pm
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5,000 texts a month sister?! I don't care if a portion of it is sent texts. That is insane. Christ I barely send more then 30 a month...

In less appalling news, I've completed the main storyline of PMD: Sky, now to set it aside to play either Stardust Accelerator or some Megaman Starforce 8D
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★ Woke up at 9 am today, which is very early for me on days that I don't have school and whatnot ><;; which was kind of annoying since school is starting for me tomorrow and I'd like to sleep in one more day.

★ Fed my frogs :D They are looking so much better these days and more lively.

★ Went with mother to her neuro doctor something since we planned on doing shopping later.

★ Did a bunch of back to school clothing shopping. Which bored me like shopping for clothes always has. Meh, it went quicker then I thought.

★ Paid a visit to Gamestop to see if they had the preorder stuff for Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Sadly nothing, but they did let me look at the enlarged cardboard english boxes. Also I found out that the Wii Motion Plus is an overrated piece of shit.

★ Had lunch at the Marconi Grill, absolutely lovely food, with no waiting like at Olive Garden.

★ Found my DS in a pile of clothes in the hallway ._. who the hell put it there?

★ Speaking of my DS, currently stuck on a sand dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, because Im retarded and have a fire and electric type as partners.

★ So apparently if you have Greasemonkey installed, you can install this script that blocks any twitter update posts. Very useful.

No offense to those on my friends list who do use loudtwitter, but I find them a bit annoying (and I have no idea how to respond to those types of posts anyway).

★ Ngh school is tomorrow which I dread. And I only have a break from 10-10:45 I think. After that I get out at 3. So expect me to be around less tomorrow.
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No dear sister, you aren't a vegetarian, you are a carbotarian. Why? Because even though you have given up on all meats with the exception of seafood, you won't eat your veggies :| none at all.

Please, if you're going to make such a drastic lifefstyle choice, at least do it right.

Awwww shit

Nov. 3rd, 2009 02:43 pm
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God would somebody please shoot me? Cause next semester's schedule will anyway.

I don't even get to eat until 3 pm on some days what the hell. Unless I eat like at 9:30 in the morning which isn't really the best option and the school lunch areas aren't open anyway.

Gah mom wants to pick me up early today, I don't wanna go home and listen to brother's bitching and the same old fucking tirade of begging to use the internet. I really really wish my parents would realize its not a fucking crime for me to on the internet pass 9 pm. Im 18 years old, I shouldn't have to ask for internet access nor should I have an early "curfew" for it. It wasn't even okay when I was up at 12 am on a Saturday which also happened to be my birthday a few weeks ago. Saturday and Birthday, what's the big deal?

I should probably just be grateful that they are looking at changing the internet again and I get to visit my father on alternate weekends where he couldn't give a shit if I was up at 4 am.
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So yesterday I was all busy, so busy and didn't get go online much orz

I got to see Landon ~ Sooo cute, and he's so limber too when he is asleep XD; He's like a ragdoll

Then, we came home and got dressed for trick or treating. Brother and sister and their two friends went as KISS while I put on some generic costume to greet the kids. And I totally didn't sneak a few myself.

Afterwards, we had a party with a friend's family which involved pizza and cake. How fabulous. Oh and mom let me try tequila for the first time. Nasty shit I tell ya. Sniped each other playing Medal of Honor and played pool for an hour before running like hell back home because it was pouring ><;;

Washed off, beat Mario and Luigi 3 finally and re watched the four part Gurren Lagann finale. How fun :3


Oct. 26th, 2009 06:53 pm
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So my pregnant step sister got induced around late afternoon today, so hopefully I will have a new nephew by tonight :D~

In other less important news. I can't cap pics on my Gurren Lagann DVD due to shitty copyright. Which I think is BS since I bought it, I should be able to take pictures :/

In even less important stuff, Apparently the newest Naruto chapter featured this aka Sakura confessing her love to Naruto and making the pairing. Yeah idk why I find this interesting (especially since I don't even know the canon) other then the fact that the shippers are going batshit.
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Cut for family bullshit and me whining )

In less bawwing news, is there any kind of free software that transfers one iPod's contents to another? I'm thinking about getting a new iPod on my b-day since my 30GB one is getting old and I've used up most of the space.

Speaking of b-days, I've gotta call my dad's grandmother and ask if she'll make me a Stardust cake with blue colored cake fillings for my birthday ;3

In fandom news this is an awesome edited lyrics version of Sky Blue Days. Makes me wish those were the actual lyrics ;_;

ETA: wat

So I asked someone on Janime to make a banner of this and extend the yellow background spotlight whatever horizontally and make a nice textless banner. And she is laughing at me. What the shit, how is that looking bad?

ETA 2: What is this

Wry Japan, wry must the self insert be apart of Team Sat in TF4. And why must a really good pic be ruined by it >


Sep. 17th, 2009 09:04 pm
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My stepsister, who's due to have a kid in two months, is having a second baby shower. Yes second.

Only because she found out that her second baby is a boy this time. Which makes no sense in my brain. Because she just traded in a bunch of baby girl clothes for boy clothes and she has plenty of things for the baby from her firstborn. She even has a room filled with nothing but baby stuff like a crib, bouncer thing, toys and a rocking chair.

Maybe I'm wrong to think its tacky to have a second shower when she has plenty and she had her firstborn three years ago :\

But nevertheless, I'll go in with a smile and keep my mouth shut.


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