Feb. 19th, 2010 06:17 pm
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Okay woo gonna kick off the caps for now.

Nothing happened today, at all. Except finishing a shitload of tests online and mom getting a new laptop for my school stuff lol why I do I need three laptops 8|

Oh and watching the olympics is fun 8D especially figure skating

five words meme.
Leave a comment telling me if you want to do the meme and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, in your journal.

my answers were embarrassing and long winded )
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Gah I caught my Stats Proff looking at my computer screen twice in the past week. What I do on the comp is none of his damn business. He should be grateful he didn't look while I was viewing some of my pron doujins |D

In other news today is Fall Fest at the college and thats means lots of food and getting to roll around in a giant plastic ball today :D

In fandom news, there's a new remix for Precious Times Glory Days. My opinion is that its meh, not good enough voices or uses of different instruments.
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Sorry for the spam guys.

super short fanbabbling you don't care about )

So how's midterms going F-list?
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stupidity ahead, don't read if you wanna save your sanity. Also some ramblings about the fandom in general )

In other news. Mom wants to take me to a furniture store for my b-day. Yeah, I don't even know. At least I managed to convince her to take me to me to a four story arcade where there's one wall covered in only DDR machines 8D

I also apparently can't dress as Luigi for Halloween since mom doesn't want to take me to the Halloween store. So I want to dress as Heather for Silent Hill since that is relatively easy to do but Mom says its pointless since nobody would recognize me. Thanks Mom @_@

ETA: \o/ Finally got meebo working again~
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Started on a drabble type of challenge here http://digitalstarry.livejournal.com/57057.html#cutid1 Probably not going to be posting the drabbles here because I'm shooting for a drabble written each day. Its 100 words a piece so I better make it count XD~

Also, I has another plot bunny I want to work with. [livejournal.com profile] northwind_gale I know this is your type of stuff :D

Anyways, I know that Yusei getting Dark Signer'd is probably been done a couple of times now. But I was thinking of doing it right after Yusei takes a tumble into the Momentum pit. Instead of being rescued by Mufasa his father, he dies by getting pushed into the pit from the ghosts. With that, he gains a false goal that he must take out the Signers, to avenge the people killed by Zero Reverse. A duel with Jack however, cleanses him.
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fff these plot bunnies will not stop bothering.

Anyways here's a couple of plot bunnies I've considered doing. I probably won't ever get around doing them since I have the hardest time finishing my fanfics. So if you wanna try it out, by all means go ahead.

like you care about this and spoilers :[  )
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Well not much going on real life wise as of present. Except I think I've been getting better sleep |3. Most of the time my parents bitch at me if I sleep past 8:30 am or something. But they seem rather lax of it as of late, so good for me \o/

Hm, should probably start reading Eyeshield 21 today, that or finish watching Gurren Lagann >>;; I really need to finish it, as it is an amazing anime. That also reminds me that I should catch up on subs of 5D's, as I am pretty well behind ^^;;

About 60% done with Sho Minanimoto's app for [livejournal.com profile] capeandcowl. Should be working faster, but I'm a lazy bitch :P

Now, I'm about to head to the public pool. Its ice cold, but when its 90 fucking degrees outside, it feels so good ~
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Top 5 anime quiz/meme )
Also look what I got today :D(ignore the crappy quality of the pic)

title or description

:DDDD I haven't decided where to put it though..


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