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I am having a good day very obviously 8D

First off, Pokemon Black and White unf unf I don't fucking care about the racist crap about it, I think it sounds cool and awesome and its making me speculate all sorts of out there things. Like a "spiritual successor" of the RBY/GSC/FRLG/HGSS timeline. That would be kickass. Or a reimaging of the first games using a completely different system and different overview that makes its so different that only the names would be recognizable. Or a mode that lets you play the game in old school style black and white lolz

Second, I'm happy that the plot appears to be picking up in 5D's (lol spoilers ahead gaiz) even its going to do some really stupid bullshitting by Yusei able to produce an accel synchro this early without Dark Glass guy teaching him. BUT WE HAVE PLOT 8U And Placido dueling finally after becoming a neet and possibly everybody getting a chance to duel during the ghost flood. That makes me happy.

Speaking of which I cannot stop listening to Believe in Nexus, its amazing and it makes me apperciate Masaaki Endoh more ;_; I hope JAM Project as a whole decides to do a version of it
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Oh hello, I'm back from vacation and can finally update after an hour of packing/parents asking to do shit >>;

stuff we did on vacation )

HG SS update )

And now for some 5D's manga spoilers )
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My day has been made

brb gonna watch the Lagann-hen movie finally |D
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Done with finals ~o~

I should probably nap...

y hallo thar biopolar entry
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But this was pure gold |3

[02:17] Mina: I did watch 46 again
[02:17] Mina: dub
[02:17] lethalrainbowss: haaha <3
[02:17] Gale: XD
[02:17] Mina: Rudger's all "lol ur daddy did it all for the money"
[02:17] Mina: and then Yuusei disreguards Rudger's attempt to rile him up completely by demanding to know if it was all Rex's idea
[02:18] Spinel: XD
[02:18] Mina: I think dub!Yuusei has a bit of an obsession
[02:18] Spinel: well, rex is the assiest asshole he knows
[02:18] Spinel: better than thinking his daddy did it
[02:18] Mina: Well Yuusei just doesn't know many assholes
[02:18] Spinel: clearly
[02:18] Mina: that's what you get when you bottom
[02:19] Sethy: LOL
[02:19] Spinel: *spittake*
[02:19] Mina: |3
[02:19] Calaidi: XDDD
[02:19] Spinel: THANKS FOR THAT

Okay I think I need bed now...

5D's 86

Nov. 25th, 2009 02:44 pm
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*A* )


Nov. 4th, 2009 06:10 pm
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We're getting real internet this weekend at home \o/
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So yesterday I was all busy, so busy and didn't get go online much orz

I got to see Landon ~ Sooo cute, and he's so limber too when he is asleep XD; He's like a ragdoll

Then, we came home and got dressed for trick or treating. Brother and sister and their two friends went as KISS while I put on some generic costume to greet the kids. And I totally didn't sneak a few myself.

Afterwards, we had a party with a friend's family which involved pizza and cake. How fabulous. Oh and mom let me try tequila for the first time. Nasty shit I tell ya. Sniped each other playing Medal of Honor and played pool for an hour before running like hell back home because it was pouring ><;;

Washed off, beat Mario and Luigi 3 finally and re watched the four part Gurren Lagann finale. How fun :3
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Been afk all day due to shopping trips, but before I get to that lets down to some other stuff first :D

Spoilers for Survivor )

School: My Adviser is a Badass Grandma in disguise. No seriously! She saw that the administrator fucked up next year's schedule for me and she got on their asses about it. She rocks and I love her for it.

Lets see, today I went shopping at the outlet malls today with birthday money. Since it was about an hour away from the house and because I had plenty of money~ Bought some Gurren Lagann DVDs and Code Geass manga/novel. I now own the beginning episodes of Code Geass in about three different formats XD;

ALSO holy shit I just found out that the kooplings are going to be in Super Mario Bros Wii 8D I want that game now just because of that because the kooplings are seriously so ignored.

Fangirling over 5Ds spoilers, plz ignore )

I need to answer to memes and tags orz


Oct. 15th, 2009 07:58 pm
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Step dad finally fixed his and mom's damn laptop so that the router doesn't have to be connected to it for it get internet ~

In other news brb watching a fandom I never ever talk about aka Survivor >>;
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120 GB Ipod Classic is mine bitches 8U

/goes to fill it up with every possible canon she knows and loads of J-Pop
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- I made a 90 on my comp midterm \o/ which is kinda funny since I didn't study much >>; and I made a 98 on the lab for it ~ Intro to computers is pretty damn easy but I am proud of myself <3~

- I also got some work done for my Senior Project. Having Mac >>>>> Windows for a Senior Project is fucking awesome

In fandoms stuff there's a translation of the first 5D's chapter here. In which everybody is so godamn adorable, syncho speeches are cut and Yusei ... has a maximum feel o.O

Go me!

Sep. 30th, 2009 09:22 pm
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My average went from a 59 → 72 in two weeks for World Lit



Sep. 26th, 2009 01:52 am
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So I finally finished Gurren Lagann.




I'm sitting here with the stupidest grin and tears on my face. It was like snorting up twenty lines of crack for the first time.


/will write up a more coherent entry later
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I passed my summer class~~~~~

I am so proud of myself <3


the Ten anniv OVA is CONFIRMED to have all three protagonists in it AS WELL as Takahashi's direct involvement with the OVA



Jul. 16th, 2009 09:44 pm
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4KIDS IS SUBBING DM, THE REAL DEAL SUBS! <- Check the comments for proof

Please be supporting this guys, so that this can be successful and we can has DVDs of it.


Jul. 7th, 2009 09:16 pm
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The router, its fixed and its working!!!


Jun. 27th, 2009 08:42 pm
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Well somewhat. The internets card works on my comp. Which means I will be on more, just not as much unfortunately ^^;;

But holy crap. I'm so glad it works now


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