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My day has been made

brb gonna watch the Lagann-hen movie finally |D
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Okay Immi I was wrong 8| )

And in non 5D's related news!

★ I'm watching the [ profile] gurren_lagann community like a hawk for any signs of a non-torrent version of Lagann-hen. Hopefully one will be available by this weekend so I can watch with Icey~

★ Mom has strep throat ><;; and is mostly sleeping through the day, but still helping out when I can

★ For some reason, I have been compelled to start back on watching a play through on Bully again, if only because its amusing and I got bored at 2am this morning.
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Okay, finally the meebo logs are loading again so I can look at my delicious im porn logs Thank god.

brb spazzing over new parallel works announced for Gurren Lagann \o/! I love you Gainax for whoring the series out as much as humanly possible.

And after playing through Stardust Accelerator more, I have decided that A) Whoever came up with the stealth mission needs to be shot, B) Rua's deck sucks and C) OC Signer marks, what is this faggot tree 8|


Jan. 24th, 2010 10:40 pm
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Why is my comp suddenly starting to be retarded and not load pages half the time idgi

I hope its not these new add ones, because tree tabbing is fucking sweet.

Also, does anybody know of a weather add on that doesn't come with spyware? Thanks




Jan. 10th, 2010 07:00 pm
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/spams you all with crack

/wonders if she should post this on [ profile] guwwen_wagann

Icons :D

Jan. 2nd, 2010 05:07 am
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Sup gaiz I finally figured out how to do textures so... have an icon post :D


18 Yuugiou 5D's  (Spoilers up to episode 86)

9 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Spoilers up to episode 17)


1 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Banner (Spoilers for Lagann-hen)


TEASER! Icon 004 TEASER! Icon 012 TEASER! Icon 018

Icons here~ )
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The covers for the second Gurren Lagann movie are fucking sexy ~<3

/awaits patiently
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★ Landon, my new nephew was born late last night. He is adorable and I wish I could share pics >:

★ My laptop adapter gave out today ><;; thankfully I got it replaced but still, this is my third power adapter I've had since I got this Mac orz

★ I'm a bit unimpressed by this Gurren Lagann DVD, for one its only available in Japanese and I want to watch the dub of it D| Seriously why wouldn't they include the dub track on it? And the subs are alright but kinda meh in the way its done. When I've seen fansubs done nicer it makes it look bad. And the subs for the OP/ED are all in lowercase which bothers the hell out of me.

★ I also want to say hello to all my new friends from the friending meme /o/ my info stuff is located on my journal front page or my profile ~ Feel free to add my AIM or something XD;


Oct. 26th, 2009 06:53 pm
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So my pregnant step sister got induced around late afternoon today, so hopefully I will have a new nephew by tonight :D~

In other less important news. I can't cap pics on my Gurren Lagann DVD due to shitty copyright. Which I think is BS since I bought it, I should be able to take pictures :/

In even less important stuff, Apparently the newest Naruto chapter featured this aka Sakura confessing her love to Naruto and making the pairing. Yeah idk why I find this interesting (especially since I don't even know the canon) other then the fact that the shippers are going batshit.
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Been afk all day due to shopping trips, but before I get to that lets down to some other stuff first :D

Spoilers for Survivor )

School: My Adviser is a Badass Grandma in disguise. No seriously! She saw that the administrator fucked up next year's schedule for me and she got on their asses about it. She rocks and I love her for it.

Lets see, today I went shopping at the outlet malls today with birthday money. Since it was about an hour away from the house and because I had plenty of money~ Bought some Gurren Lagann DVDs and Code Geass manga/novel. I now own the beginning episodes of Code Geass in about three different formats XD;

ALSO holy shit I just found out that the kooplings are going to be in Super Mario Bros Wii 8D I want that game now just because of that because the kooplings are seriously so ignored.

Fangirling over 5Ds spoilers, plz ignore )

I need to answer to memes and tags orz


Sep. 26th, 2009 01:52 am
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So I finally finished Gurren Lagann.




I'm sitting here with the stupidest grin and tears on my face. It was like snorting up twenty lines of crack for the first time.


/will write up a more coherent entry later
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So who wants to watch the four-part Gurren Lagann finale with me this weekend 8D? Its got glorious animation that took up almost half the animation budget, mecha that tops any mecha ever known, lots of explosions, and even some camp gayness on the side ~

Yeah I know I am a lazyass because I started watching that anime almost a year ago (and its not that long >>) But whatever.

/waits on C&C app approval

Not much to report on the real life front. Except I did pull up my lit grade so yay for me \o/

Brb listening to this song about fifty times
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spoilers for gurren lagann )


Dear parents,

Having a ban on people of the Middle Eastern descent from holding jobs in the airline business due to the events of 9/11 is fucking racist and you know it.

Don’t give me that bullshit about we could have a repeat of 9/11 if we allow that. What if some Asians pulled the same act? Are we gonna ban every goddamn race until its only the whites in the business? Its. Racism. Get off your high horses and stop being close minded.


Does anybody know how to fix the wireless internet drivers on a vista? Seems to be the problem with my parents comp but I have no idea how to fix it….

Also I will get to drabbles later >>;
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Cut for family bullshit and me whining )

In less bawwing news, is there any kind of free software that transfers one iPod's contents to another? I'm thinking about getting a new iPod on my b-day since my 30GB one is getting old and I've used up most of the space.

Speaking of b-days, I've gotta call my dad's grandmother and ask if she'll make me a Stardust cake with blue colored cake fillings for my birthday ;3

In fandom news this is an awesome edited lyrics version of Sky Blue Days. Makes me wish those were the actual lyrics ;_;

ETA: wat

So I asked someone on Janime to make a banner of this and extend the yellow background spotlight whatever horizontally and make a nice textless banner. And she is laughing at me. What the shit, how is that looking bad?

ETA 2: What is this

Wry Japan, wry must the self insert be apart of Team Sat in TF4. And why must a really good pic be ruined by it >


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