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Jun. 12th, 2010 03:10 am
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[11:30:58 PM] Sethy☆cakes: These guys randomly showed up http://transportstreams.org/index.php/tag/yu-gi-oh-5ds/
[11:31:58 PM] mistressminako: I'll admit I laughed
[11:32:48 PM] Sethy☆cakes: That sounds like something Jack would say.
[11:33:11 PM] mistressminako: sounds to me like someone writing 5Ds dialogue for Kamina
[11:33:15 PM] Sethy☆cakes: LOL
[11:55:14 PM] Sethy☆cakes: http://i47.tinypic.com/2ymu4pv.jpg

Maybe its because its 3am here, but I laughed out loud.
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[18:33] Knet Makri: What's the argument?
[18:33] Spinel: hey i'm four sentences in and i'm all set to throw up my hands and hit the back button
[18:33] Rem: has joined the chat
[18:33] lethalrainbowss: about which divine set is the best
[18:33] Rem: hi
[18:33] Knet Makri: I put up with it for over a year, man. That was more bs than I'm...wait, what?
[18:33] Arynis: I tried to stand up for the Demons, Poet.
[18:34] Knet Makri: Link me this argument.
[18:34] lethalrainbowss: like the Egyptian Gods/Sacred Beasts/Earthbounds
[18:34] Arynis: http://www.janime.eu/showthread.php/25020-Favorite-quot-Divine-Level-quot-Cards?p=2414132&viewfull=1#post2414132 My original post begins here.
[18:34] Gale: christ man.
[18:34] Gale: *sigh*
[18:34] Gale: Don't have an account...probably a good thing I don't either.
[18:34] Arynis: http://www.janime.eu/showthread.php/25020-Favorite-quot-Divine-Level-quot-Cards?p=2410772&viewfull=1#post2410772 This was what promted me to reply.
[18:35] lethalrainbowss: I just posted that I liked the sacred beasts the best to piss them off
[18:35] Arynis: Reply the original post I linked above, that is
[18:35] Arynis: Starry XD
[18:35] Spork: so we're essentially trying to compare series penis sizes?
[18:35] Spinel: wait they're seriously arguing about "which X is best?"
[18:35] Spinel: what are we, 13?
[18:35] Gale: AHAHAHAHA.
[18:35] Knet Makri: I actually don't have a real favorite set?
[18:35] lethalrainbowss: lol
[18:35] Arynis: =D I blew it into another war
[18:35] Spinel: XD penis size indeed
[18:35] Gale: Somebody say that the Crimson Dragon is their favorite
[18:35] Arynis: *sits in corner*
[18:35] lethalrainbowss: that's a good way to put it
[18:35] Gale: just because it isn't a card but probably will be soon.
[18:35] Spork: my opinion is that the ojamas are the real gods 8D
[18:35] Spinel: XD
[18:35] Gale: OR THE OJAMAS.
[18:35] Arynis: Drea XD Gale XD
[18:35] lethalrainbowss: pffffffft
[18:36] Gale: THAT'LL WORK TOO.
[18:36] Spinel: man if PDD ever gets a card i will be all over that shit
[18:36] Arynis: Or Sin Truth Dragon~
[18:36] lethalrainbowss: yes
[18:36] Spork: *high five gale*
[18:36] Spinel: and i don't even play the card game
[18:36] Spinel: OJAMAS
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But this was pure gold |3

[02:17] Mina: I did watch 46 again
[02:17] Mina: dub
[02:17] lethalrainbowss: haaha <3
[02:17] Gale: XD
[02:17] Mina: Rudger's all "lol ur daddy did it all for the money"
[02:17] Mina: and then Yuusei disreguards Rudger's attempt to rile him up completely by demanding to know if it was all Rex's idea
[02:18] Spinel: XD
[02:18] Mina: I think dub!Yuusei has a bit of an obsession
[02:18] Spinel: well, rex is the assiest asshole he knows
[02:18] Spinel: better than thinking his daddy did it
[02:18] Mina: Well Yuusei just doesn't know many assholes
[02:18] Spinel: clearly
[02:18] Mina: that's what you get when you bottom
[02:19] Sethy: LOL
[02:19] Spinel: *spittake*
[02:19] Mina: |3
[02:19] Calaidi: XDDD
[02:19] Spinel: THANKS FOR THAT

Okay I think I need bed now...
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I think me and Nina found the real reason GX was canceled.

Illusion of Gaia = GX's third season trufax

the teal deer explanation )

5D's 82

Oct. 28th, 2009 01:45 pm
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More chat logs because lazyness ftw

Also we spent half the time loling at Jeager or errors orz

5D's 82 or this canon decided one clown wasn't enough )

5D's 81

Oct. 21st, 2009 01:26 pm
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Spoilers, spazzing and loads of pics )
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This is what happens when you get a couple of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fangirls and have them comment on an episode that another fangirl is watching for the first time.

You produce this hideous thing

Cut for log, spoilers to GX 106, and horrible off color jokes )
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I know most of you guys probably don't care to look at my logs but Im posting them anyway XD
Stuff that I do when Im bored on a Saturday night and I don't want to study XD )


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