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fffffffffomg I think the 5D's manga took another level in badass

Such a shame it only updates monthly ;w;

And hi Bommer
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Oh hello, I'm back from vacation and can finally update after an hour of packing/parents asking to do shit >>;

stuff we did on vacation )

HG SS update )

And now for some 5D's manga spoilers )
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Aki's in the mange gaiz ;w; I'm happy as long as they don't screw over her character like in the series. Oh and she's the Queen of Duel Academia with a bigger house then in the anime.

Also my old stuff that I'm selling on ebay is enough to buy both copies of HG and SS plus Reverse of Arcadia, I am a very very happy Starry~
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cut for piccy )

My current manga collection, except my Gurren Lagann manga and a random Warriors manga isn't pictured :<; oops

I actually got a good deal on manga yesterday, since sadly, one of the local bookstores is closing. But three books for the price of one is sweet 8D I got the tenth pokemon movie novelization, Suzaku's Counterattack from Code Geass and the second volume of Strawberry Panic (Yes I like the Yuri shut up). Still sad that the bookstore is closing down even if there's a much large Barnes and Noble just down the road.

... and yet we have five Gamestops within twenty minutes of my house. Wtf.
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Been afk all day due to shopping trips, but before I get to that lets down to some other stuff first :D

Spoilers for Survivor )

School: My Adviser is a Badass Grandma in disguise. No seriously! She saw that the administrator fucked up next year's schedule for me and she got on their asses about it. She rocks and I love her for it.

Lets see, today I went shopping at the outlet malls today with birthday money. Since it was about an hour away from the house and because I had plenty of money~ Bought some Gurren Lagann DVDs and Code Geass manga/novel. I now own the beginning episodes of Code Geass in about three different formats XD;

ALSO holy shit I just found out that the kooplings are going to be in Super Mario Bros Wii 8D I want that game now just because of that because the kooplings are seriously so ignored.

Fangirling over 5Ds spoilers, plz ignore )

I need to answer to memes and tags orz

Poll tiems

Jul. 12th, 2009 09:42 pm
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So since I haven't read much manga recently, but since I'm stuck between 9001 choices. Im gonna ask you, my F-list, what should I read next ^^

I also want to know if I should filter my drabbles from people who do not wish to see them. Or just get a writing journal... something :/

whee polls ♥ )


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