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[18:33] Knet Makri: What's the argument?
[18:33] Spinel: hey i'm four sentences in and i'm all set to throw up my hands and hit the back button
[18:33] Rem: has joined the chat
[18:33] lethalrainbowss: about which divine set is the best
[18:33] Rem: hi
[18:33] Knet Makri: I put up with it for over a year, man. That was more bs than I'm...wait, what?
[18:33] Arynis: I tried to stand up for the Demons, Poet.
[18:34] Knet Makri: Link me this argument.
[18:34] lethalrainbowss: like the Egyptian Gods/Sacred Beasts/Earthbounds
[18:34] Arynis: My original post begins here.
[18:34] Gale: christ man.
[18:34] Gale: *sigh*
[18:34] Gale: Don't have an account...probably a good thing I don't either.
[18:34] Arynis: This was what promted me to reply.
[18:35] lethalrainbowss: I just posted that I liked the sacred beasts the best to piss them off
[18:35] Arynis: Reply the original post I linked above, that is
[18:35] Arynis: Starry XD
[18:35] Spork: so we're essentially trying to compare series penis sizes?
[18:35] Spinel: wait they're seriously arguing about "which X is best?"
[18:35] Spinel: what are we, 13?
[18:35] Gale: AHAHAHAHA.
[18:35] Knet Makri: I actually don't have a real favorite set?
[18:35] lethalrainbowss: lol
[18:35] Arynis: =D I blew it into another war
[18:35] Spinel: XD penis size indeed
[18:35] Gale: Somebody say that the Crimson Dragon is their favorite
[18:35] Arynis: *sits in corner*
[18:35] lethalrainbowss: that's a good way to put it
[18:35] Gale: just because it isn't a card but probably will be soon.
[18:35] Spork: my opinion is that the ojamas are the real gods 8D
[18:35] Spinel: XD
[18:35] Gale: OR THE OJAMAS.
[18:35] Arynis: Drea XD Gale XD
[18:35] lethalrainbowss: pffffffft
[18:36] Gale: THAT'LL WORK TOO.
[18:36] Spinel: man if PDD ever gets a card i will be all over that shit
[18:36] Arynis: Or Sin Truth Dragon~
[18:36] lethalrainbowss: yes
[18:36] Spork: *high five gale*
[18:36] Spinel: and i don't even play the card game
[18:36] Spinel: OJAMAS


Dec. 27th, 2009 12:11 pm
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Why do I reside in the same fandom that will bash arcs only because their OTP won't have a chance interact? Oy vey...

BUT stepfather is going to take me to see Avatar in a short while <3~ I hope its good ~

Oh dear

Oct. 27th, 2009 04:27 pm
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On the YGO crossover movie

Summary translation provided by some dude at Pojo

"Yusei will be using polite language when addressing Judai and Yugi.

The Judai is in fact the one that's after GX is over.

Yugi/Atem is more of a support-type role this time around, with most of the movie having Judai and Yusei as the main characters."

/hides under her heatproof shelter

How much you guys want to bet this makes fandom wank/secrets? The Purists will be pissing blood over this.

Meanwhile, I'll just be over in my corner of content over the movie, eating popcorn. Anybody wanna join?
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stupidity ahead, don't read if you wanna save your sanity. Also some ramblings about the fandom in general )

In other news. Mom wants to take me to a furniture store for my b-day. Yeah, I don't even know. At least I managed to convince her to take me to me to a four story arcade where there's one wall covered in only DDR machines 8D

I also apparently can't dress as Luigi for Halloween since mom doesn't want to take me to the Halloween store. So I want to dress as Heather for Silent Hill since that is relatively easy to do but Mom says its pointless since nobody would recognize me. Thanks Mom @_@

ETA: \o/ Finally got meebo working again~


Aug. 18th, 2009 08:54 am
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What the hell fandom @_@

As some of you may or may not know, a person called SheikV had his YT account deleted a few days ago. He had a ton of 5D’s eps uploaded to his account as well.

Janime went absolutely apeshit over this, to the point of death threats. Good god, overreacting much? There’s much more things to get upset about, plus there’s at least five different uploaders for episodes anyway. Even PrismWeapon, the quicksubs uploader, still has her stuff.

So I told them to get off their high horses and stop making a fuss over it and promptly got flamed for it. I also got negged for apparently negging somebody else but I haven’t negged in at least two months and if I do so, I do it anon wise. And another accused me of trolling for having a valid opinion on the matter. Might have been Elly aka if you like GX (or Naruto or Gundam SEED Destiny or any anime she/he hates) you have no right to an opinion what so ever, but idk.

Also people need to stop throwing shit on 4kids for this WHEN THEY ACTUALLY SUPPORT FANSUBS NOW 8U

Teal Deer: Everything is fine just some people need to gtfo of my fandom

In other news....

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Quoted from Tv Tropes, inquiring about 5D's

"Is Bakura in it?"


"OK, 5D's sucks then."

Oy oy my fandom.

On the other hand, comparing D-Wheels to High-Octane-Satan-Penis-Rocket-ATVs made me snofle so XD~

Annnd I'm done with summer classes \o/ Time to goof off until Wednesday when Dad's taking us on vacation.

ETA: My anime list has been updated finally ;A;


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