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Thanks in part to wiisaves, I've resumed playing Okami again and I'm almost done :D. I'm really impressed with the game itself, while it does draw from other adventure games, it does stand out on its own. Excellent game and I cannot wait to play the sequel.

Classes started today, so far its feeling a little less overwhelming, thanks in part to the first week mainly dedicated to introductions and the easy chapters. I just need to be on track of things.

My classes this semester:

Advanced Spreadsheet
Database Applications
Hardware/Software Support
Security Concepts
Introduction to Security
Systems Analysis & Design

All are online with the exception of the last one. You'd think online classes would be easy but I find them harder. Harder to meet face to face with classmates and the instructor along with my tendency to forget to check everyday >.>.
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Whelp my Wii failed again. It deleted my Okami save which had 20+ hours of work on it with about 60% of the game finished. I have no idea why it does that if I unplug the console from the outlet. What the hell. Now I have no time to make this up again. Bah, I've wanted to enjoy the game for about four years so its no big deal ._.;

Oh yeah loving how Gen 5 of pokemon will have reusable TMs. Kinda loling how half of the fandom thinks it ruins the gameplay even though there are far worse gamebreakers present. For instance, its fairly easy these days to obtain a LV 100 pokemon before you beat the E4. It's just taking out one fake difficulty present.


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