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Oh hey

I have an icon community now.

Please be checking it out <3

/spams with shameless advertising
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get to know me

Two other things, pimping this amazing community and this excellent remix.
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I am waay too easily amused
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I may or may not be gone the first half of the week in which Christmas falls on. Since my family has decided that they might be going to the beach from the extra money that we earned by selling some old stuff.

Since I can't take my laptop there, I won't have access to the internet :C

Also, in lieu of the finals coming up, have this amusing answer to a Calc final to lighten your day.

oy oy

Oct. 11th, 2009 03:44 pm
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Fucking hell, why does Apple make it so damn difficult to switch music and videos from one ipod to another o.o

Took me an hour just to get Floola to work on it. And even then, I couldn't copy the filenames directly so now I have to manualy change every name to its proper one. Which is going to take forever since I have about 1000 songs and 800 videos on my ipod o.O

Also I has my new comm [ profile] 5ds_100 open for people to sign up for :3
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...I really need to clean my room sometime.

In other news, I've found an adorable food site over here. It makes me very hungry XD;


Oct. 6th, 2009 04:41 pm
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I love that people think I'm a redneck because I know what a deer slug is.


also I adore this MAD of Saya no Uta~ so good~ even if it is graphic (well Saya no Uta is a graphic canon anyway) >>;
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This is the best ipod mod I've seen yet.

Why? Because it takes the place of itunes and allows you to use your ipod on multiple computers ^^

While you do lose the ability to buy stuff from itunes, I never do. I just rip stuff from YT vids or CDs around. Therefore its good for me because I have different comps I use. And while it did shut down if you didn't use the most updated version it seems to have been corrected now ^^

Just throwing it out here for anybody who could benefit~
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I just finished watching a Silent Hill 2 walkthrough last night

Cut because of the massive spoilers )

Annnnd to all of my Silent Hill fans on my friends list

Read this. Read it even though it spoilers a lot if you haven't seen game x or something. Its an amazing piece of meta that answers a lot of questions about the series and shows Silent Hill's depth.

Also I changed my header and the colors, lemme know if it looks okay <3~ Must go download some Geass episodes today~
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I has a

Will probably only use it at school, since it'll drain the limited bandwidth at home and I have an ipod at home anyway. I could bring my ipod at school, but I nearly lost it once when I did that ._.
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[Bad username or site: @] <- New writing journal up.

That is all~~

Oh dude

Aug. 11th, 2009 01:26 pm
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So much win *A*


Dec. 15th, 2008 12:20 am
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Oh my god, Im having way too much fun rping stuff. That and the fact that rping Rua is so easy and fun to rp as. And I have been so lucky to experience so much so early. Its only been about a day or so and I already have made plenty of friends, lots of convos, currently doing an event, and Im even gotten to rp with a mod from the dressing room, how lucky can I be ^^


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Title: Killer
Archive: FFN
Rating: T for blood and violence
Pairings: None
Genre: Crime
Word Count: 600 words
Summary: An extension into the murder scene in episode 34. Contains spoilers for Episode 34
Follow the cut )
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[ profile] yuseixjack

For all your KingCrab needs~


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