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Whelp my Wii failed again. It deleted my Okami save which had 20+ hours of work on it with about 60% of the game finished. I have no idea why it does that if I unplug the console from the outlet. What the hell. Now I have no time to make this up again. Bah, I've wanted to enjoy the game for about four years so its no big deal ._.;

Oh yeah loving how Gen 5 of pokemon will have reusable TMs. Kinda loling how half of the fandom thinks it ruins the gameplay even though there are far worse gamebreakers present. For instance, its fairly easy these days to obtain a LV 100 pokemon before you beat the E4. It's just taking out one fake difficulty present.
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omg I passed the class \o/! I feel so much better, especially since I just came back from Celebration Station.

Oh and

[ profile] caps_pokeymans
[ profile] caps_pokeymans
[ profile] caps_pokeymans

Plz be joining, fellow Pokemon fans.
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Whelp I think I'm failing Database already. gj self. Mainly because the professor is uncooperative with the situations that turn up. I can't control that our bookstore took a week to order my books. I can't control that the online client for Access is fucked and won't work with the file so that its going to take a little while to buy the programs since they are about a hundred dollars sob.

Meep, why isn't the two legendaries of Pokemon Black and White not Light and Dark typed? It would be perfect typing for them. Fire and Electricity does not go well with them, especially the white one. Seemed like a perfect opportunity to introduce a Light Type.
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So I'm finally making headway on Soul Silver and beaten the E4. Thank you Lugia for mindless Extrasensory spamming for Koga and Bruno. But now I'm too distracted with the shiny Battle Frontier and Pokeatlon to go to Kanto. So, question, F-list, any good attractions in HG SS Kanto aside from the usual gym and the three legendary birds to check out?
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Fuck yea Pokemon B&W starters ♥(aren't you glad F-list that I didn't spam the image XD;)

I want the grass dog, its cuteness appeals to me.
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Pokeymans status report on Soul Silver, because I feel like doing one 8U

Cyndy/Typlosion; Level 38

Moves: Lava Plume, Flame Wheel, Strength and Swift

Crow/Pidgeot; Level 38

Moves: Wing Attack, Roost, Twister and Fly

Sparky/Joltoen; Level 39

Moves: Thundershock, Double Kick, Pin Missile, and Dig

Hydra/Gyarados; Level 38

Moves: Bite, Ice Fang, Twister, and Surf

Skarmory (Haven't decided on a nickname for this one); Level 36

Moves: Steel Wing, Flash Cannon, Flash and Air Cutter

Currently trying to get past Clair now, since her Kingdra's a bitch 8| Suggestions for changing up my team or moves is welcome since training takes a while due to lack of VS Seeker and no good training spots.
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Does anybody know how much the chances are of getting Pokerus is in HG SS? Because I swear they upped it in this game.
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I am having a good day very obviously 8D

First off, Pokemon Black and White unf unf I don't fucking care about the racist crap about it, I think it sounds cool and awesome and its making me speculate all sorts of out there things. Like a "spiritual successor" of the RBY/GSC/FRLG/HGSS timeline. That would be kickass. Or a reimaging of the first games using a completely different system and different overview that makes its so different that only the names would be recognizable. Or a mode that lets you play the game in old school style black and white lolz

Second, I'm happy that the plot appears to be picking up in 5D's (lol spoilers ahead gaiz) even its going to do some really stupid bullshitting by Yusei able to produce an accel synchro this early without Dark Glass guy teaching him. BUT WE HAVE PLOT 8U And Placido dueling finally after becoming a neet and possibly everybody getting a chance to duel during the ghost flood. That makes me happy.

Speaking of which I cannot stop listening to Believe in Nexus, its amazing and it makes me apperciate Masaaki Endoh more ;_; I hope JAM Project as a whole decides to do a version of it
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Oh hello, I'm back from vacation and can finally update after an hour of packing/parents asking to do shit >>;

stuff we did on vacation )

HG SS update )

And now for some 5D's manga spoilers )
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Currently up to the Union Cave in SS right now~ My current thoughts so far includes: Sprout Tower's shaking pillar actually makes noise, its creepy and I love it, Falkner's gym has a gorgeous redesign and I find the Ruins of Alph music to be soothing oddly enough~

Also I just found out that the complete guide to the games is 40 dollars :| wut


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT~ I will be gone this weekend starting Thursday till Sunday for a beach trip \o/ I'll miss you guys ;;
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8D! I finally have them~ Gamestop was excellent, they even declorated the store with imported Japanese pokemon plushies all around the store there. I also had a twenty minute convo with one of the clerks on teams and the fifth gen~

Currently I got a female Cyndaquil on my first try, hellz yeah bitches. The music is sex and its so damn cute.
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Hur Hur I have finally gotten my 10th anniv YGO animation book. It is glorious and beautiful and has epic full color pictures and poses of just about anybody in the series. I love it <3

And tomorrow is HG SS day! How many of you guys on my f-list are getting both games 8D?
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So I'm possibly getting both Heart Gold and Soul Silver games, one do actual intelligent trainer crap like actually raising a full team of six pokes instead of just your starter >> and not using rare candies for cheap leveling up and the other to go full out old school style. If only I could trade the GB player over, that would be fucking awesome.

And then there's Reverse of Arcadia, the third starforce game and the Edgy Phoenix Wright game

Damn, my budget can't handle all this ;;
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What the hell Nintendo of America

I mean seriously, Ethan? Why? He's not an Ethan, he's Gold in my eyes *waves old woman cane*

Lyra doesn't bother me, since Kotone is a crappy name and Lyra is pretty imo

The Rocket's names I couldn't care about, except Lance who got an inevitable name change.

I don't get renaming the itemfinder either, especially since it kept its original name in the original games!

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My day has been made

brb gonna watch the Lagann-hen movie finally |D
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★ Woke up at 9 am today, which is very early for me on days that I don't have school and whatnot ><;; which was kind of annoying since school is starting for me tomorrow and I'd like to sleep in one more day.

★ Fed my frogs :D They are looking so much better these days and more lively.

★ Went with mother to her neuro doctor something since we planned on doing shopping later.

★ Did a bunch of back to school clothing shopping. Which bored me like shopping for clothes always has. Meh, it went quicker then I thought.

★ Paid a visit to Gamestop to see if they had the preorder stuff for Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Sadly nothing, but they did let me look at the enlarged cardboard english boxes. Also I found out that the Wii Motion Plus is an overrated piece of shit.

★ Had lunch at the Marconi Grill, absolutely lovely food, with no waiting like at Olive Garden.

★ Found my DS in a pile of clothes in the hallway ._. who the hell put it there?

★ Speaking of my DS, currently stuck on a sand dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, because Im retarded and have a fire and electric type as partners.

★ So apparently if you have Greasemonkey installed, you can install this script that blocks any twitter update posts. Very useful.

No offense to those on my friends list who do use loudtwitter, but I find them a bit annoying (and I have no idea how to respond to those types of posts anyway).

★ Ngh school is tomorrow which I dread. And I only have a break from 10-10:45 I think. After that I get out at 3. So expect me to be around less tomorrow.
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Okay, I think Bidoof is now my new favorite pokemon now.

Blame Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, they make him a lovable woobie ;; And speaking of PMD I am impressed at how good the story is, considering pokemon games have little plot, so to speak. This one is actually deep, and its probably even deeper then the first games. Except I hate the main character Deux Ex Machina powers >><<;;

OH I also got a Shaymin stylus today :3, along with the first Megaman Starforce game since it was only about ten dollars
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★ Revamped my info page, you'll find it as the second entry on my journal

★ Still haven't decided whether or not to get the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks or the newest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for myself. Or just save my money for HGSS. Anybody wanna sway me?

This is an amazing pokemon remix.

★ I'm probably going to look up some video walkthroughs for Silent Hill Shattered Memories, even if the game doesn't look that appealing to me ><;;

★ Good Luck to Gale on her final tomorrow ~ ♥♥♥♥


Dec. 11th, 2009 05:36 pm
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That is the last time I stay till 4 am watching movies >:

No I'm not avoiding studying I promise hur hur

buut anyway I watched the eighth pokemon movie, dubbed because I've grown onto it and it doesn't bother me that much. Its fabulous~ Beautiful animation and good story by pokemon's standards. Although I wish we saw more of Sir Aaron >:

Anyway, I have to get braces on Monday :x, so not looking forward to it ><;;


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