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I have the most fucking amazing fandom friends <3

Anyway, not much going on today other then enjoying my sweet peace of not having a brother around, since he went on a trip. Oh and has anybody gotten their notifs to work right yet?
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Dear Mom, seriously SERIOUSLY you just almost told me that I shouldn't be watching Gurren Lagann because I told you there were anti evolution themes in it? You only didn't disapprove because the anti evolution ones are the baddies. Seriously, how close minded and sheltered do you want to make me? Now I'm really tempted to show you Saya no Uta or Code Gayass because those shows are definitely not black and white as far as morals go.

Oh well, off to the dentist then I'll come back and see if 5D's is uploaded so I can watch the adorable fire spirit thing <3~


Apr. 28th, 2010 11:11 pm
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So while I'm waiting for prismweapon to sub 5D's 107 so that I can properly digest this trippy episode, anybody got any theories on ZONE?

Or suggestions on repairing a mac magsafe computer adapter. Its on its last leg and I can't afford to spend 80 dollars on a new one ._. I hate crappy adapters that are really only suited for smaller electronics.
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I hate my programming teacher, really she can't be assed to check her assignments more then once every week or so? And I have another group project for operating systems. Bad news is that everybody except me hasn't done a damn thing despite having only two weeks to do it and only one week left. Good news is that its just a two page paper I could do an hour or so and turn it in by myself while passing a note to the teacher of how the work was divided. Then my entire group except myself would get a 0 on something that's supposed to be 20% of our entire grade. Which would be mean but if they can't bother to respond to emails/pick a damn section to work on/do anything productive then they deserve it :|

In slightly happier news, I have a ficlet idea about Kazama and Dick Pitt being brothers and Takuya is the little nephew and they go out to visit Takuya's daddy's grave. And lament and crap.

I use too many ands.
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Today's recap, we went to Ikea at about nine this morning, have any of you guys ever been there before? Holy crap, its like the size of our local mall (or about half the size either way). It was fun, and entertaining compared to the tiny furniture outlets around here. I'm tempted heavily whenever I move out within the next two/three years to decorate my future apartment like those tiny showrooms.

We also went down to a tourist trap shopping center to eat deilshus burgers by the lake ♥!

Finally, my 10th Anniv YGO book has arrived at my dad's home that I'll pick up by the end of next week.
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Its snowing...

Its snowing hard

gdi professor, let us out of class. But I guess your OT rambles are fun to hear regardless.

Start of spring, my ass
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Thank you everyone for your support~<3 I've been feeling better today, less soreness and most movement isn't getting restricted now. I hope it heals up mostly by tomorrow~

Oh yes, and does anybody know why recently its now draw kitties day in Japan? Seems like a shiton of kitty or kittiefied pics have appeared on Japanese art sites like Pixiv.

And now I'm off to the orthodontist ~ I will catch up rp tags and 5D's when I return ~

ETA: OH AND I HAVE A SKY JUKEBOX IN PMD \o/ Now to burn those tracks to my ipod.
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Aki's in the mange gaiz ;w; I'm happy as long as they don't screw over her character like in the series. Oh and she's the Queen of Duel Academia with a bigger house then in the anime.

Also my old stuff that I'm selling on ebay is enough to buy both copies of HG and SS plus Reverse of Arcadia, I am a very very happy Starry~


Feb. 13th, 2010 03:57 pm
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I has my 10th anniversary booklet ordered. It should be arriving within the next few weeks.

Also I did a coloring from a page of the Prince of Darkness doujinshi, please be concritting on how crappy it is.

And is there anybody out there who wants to trade pokeymans or play Stardust Accelrator with me :<?
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God I'm so lame.

Instead of indluging in the Super Bowl like most Americans would be doing right now, I'm either rewatching episodes of Gurren Lagann with my awesome girlfriend pal or playing Starforce (With btw if any of my Starforce friends are reading this, I need halp :<) or nibbling on chicken wings.

Bleh, wake me up when the Olympics start.
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The snow was wonderful today and yesterday. We happened to get at least six/seven inches approximately. Much more then I could expect. Also I built a snow bulbasaur yesterday, couldn't take pics cause my only camera is an i-sight

... I still have to watch Lagann-hen, but baw no hard subs yet and soft subs don't work on my comp. I want to download a hardsub version, since a streaming version would fuck up the quality so bad. Bah, hopefully that'll be soon.

School's closed tomorrow, but that doesn't matter to me since I only go Tues/Thurs anyway. But it might stick around long enough.
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cut for piccy )

My current manga collection, except my Gurren Lagann manga and a random Warriors manga isn't pictured :<; oops

I actually got a good deal on manga yesterday, since sadly, one of the local bookstores is closing. But three books for the price of one is sweet 8D I got the tenth pokemon movie novelization, Suzaku's Counterattack from Code Geass and the second volume of Strawberry Panic (Yes I like the Yuri shut up). Still sad that the bookstore is closing down even if there's a much large Barnes and Noble just down the road.

... and yet we have five Gamestops within twenty minutes of my house. Wtf.
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★ Woke up at 9 am today, which is very early for me on days that I don't have school and whatnot ><;; which was kind of annoying since school is starting for me tomorrow and I'd like to sleep in one more day.

★ Fed my frogs :D They are looking so much better these days and more lively.

★ Went with mother to her neuro doctor something since we planned on doing shopping later.

★ Did a bunch of back to school clothing shopping. Which bored me like shopping for clothes always has. Meh, it went quicker then I thought.

★ Paid a visit to Gamestop to see if they had the preorder stuff for Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Sadly nothing, but they did let me look at the enlarged cardboard english boxes. Also I found out that the Wii Motion Plus is an overrated piece of shit.

★ Had lunch at the Marconi Grill, absolutely lovely food, with no waiting like at Olive Garden.

★ Found my DS in a pile of clothes in the hallway ._. who the hell put it there?

★ Speaking of my DS, currently stuck on a sand dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, because Im retarded and have a fire and electric type as partners.

★ So apparently if you have Greasemonkey installed, you can install this script that blocks any twitter update posts. Very useful.

No offense to those on my friends list who do use loudtwitter, but I find them a bit annoying (and I have no idea how to respond to those types of posts anyway).

★ Ngh school is tomorrow which I dread. And I only have a break from 10-10:45 I think. After that I get out at 3. So expect me to be around less tomorrow.
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o.O I haven't updated in a while, at least its a while for me XD Mostly because there has been nothing going on to report about (except for some issues that I would like to remain private about). But school starts for me on Tuesday ._. Ugh I dun wanna go back. But I'm lucky that I only have to go two days a week from 8 to 3 \o/. And I have Wednesdays off too :D

Ugh I wish somebody would come on AIM since there only seems to be three people on. Which is unusual since I have about a 100 contacts stored. I probably should clean it up.
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Okay, I think Bidoof is now my new favorite pokemon now.

Blame Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, they make him a lovable woobie ;; And speaking of PMD I am impressed at how good the story is, considering pokemon games have little plot, so to speak. This one is actually deep, and its probably even deeper then the first games. Except I hate the main character Deux Ex Machina powers >><<;;

OH I also got a Shaymin stylus today :3, along with the first Megaman Starforce game since it was only about ten dollars
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★ Revamped my info page, you'll find it as the second entry on my journal

★ Still haven't decided whether or not to get the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks or the newest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for myself. Or just save my money for HGSS. Anybody wanna sway me?

This is an amazing pokemon remix.

★ I'm probably going to look up some video walkthroughs for Silent Hill Shattered Memories, even if the game doesn't look that appealing to me ><;;

★ Good Luck to Gale on her final tomorrow ~ ♥♥♥♥
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New layout is up

In other news, I feel like starting something new. Perhaps I'll ask Gale to watch a new series with me.


Dec. 11th, 2009 05:36 pm
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That is the last time I stay till 4 am watching movies >:

No I'm not avoiding studying I promise hur hur

buut anyway I watched the eighth pokemon movie, dubbed because I've grown onto it and it doesn't bother me that much. Its fabulous~ Beautiful animation and good story by pokemon's standards. Although I wish we saw more of Sir Aaron >:

Anyway, I have to get braces on Monday :x, so not looking forward to it ><;;
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ffff fuck you Gale, now I've gotten into Megaman Star Force games :< they are just typical shonen...

They also have bonds, cards, and energy waves made out of rainbows ~ Its 5D's in disguise |D With also a little bit of Digimon Tamers.

I am also horribly amused at the icon I'm using. I remember commissioning the artwork to be colored back in the summertime and now it looks so much like his poncho XD;

And now, video sharing times - A pretty nice Kiryu MAD uploaded this morning. Also spoilers. - A rainbowish tribute to manga Johan


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