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You know what? Fuck this group powerpoint project, I have worked my ass off just to get my teammates to communicate with me and nobody has made an attempt to talk to me unless I harass them. I feel bad about doing part of work without consulting my other teammates, but at this point I'm tired of it. I don't care. THE TEACHER WON'T EVEN GIVE ME THE PASSWORD TO THE QUIZ WTF I swear, its frustrating as all hell that not even the instructor will listen so I'll give a zero automatically because of her.

On an internet related topic, it also frustrates me that certain role play games on insane journal have a slot limit, meaning they can only have about a 100 or so characters in the game and no one else can join. Anybody can tell me why? I don't get how they have limit it, its even a worse turn off for me then it is for journal based games nowadays.
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A certain teacher of mine who teaches my online powerpoint classes has not put anything up to work on in the past two weeks since our midterm. On one hand, I'm tempted to be a good little student and notify them but on the other I know that I'll get credit for the class either way since I am passing-

Oh wait, I just checked, now she has stuff up for a final project. What the hell? We just had midterms two weeks ago and hnnnnnngh I have senior project to do >:[

*Brb wasting time on zOMG*


Mar. 25th, 2010 10:13 pm
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Ugh, I hate my Programming Professor. Her written work for us is ridiculously easy, as both the quizzes and the tests are the same thing and we discuss the questions beforehand. Even though the hands on parts blow, they aren't getting graded since we work in groups. She was also nasty to my adviser today, saying that I wouldn't have a chance at passing the exam for a class I'm trying to test out since I wasn't qualified :/ and I had to take the class to get qualified so what's the damn point. And the class is basic windows functions, something I can test out of easily. Ugh.

Also, I'm going to have to take three summer classes and seven fucking classes in the fall. *dead*
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What the hell Nintendo of America

I mean seriously, Ethan? Why? He's not an Ethan, he's Gold in my eyes *waves old woman cane*

Lyra doesn't bother me, since Kotone is a crappy name and Lyra is pretty imo

The Rocket's names I couldn't care about, except Lance who got an inevitable name change.

I don't get renaming the itemfinder either, especially since it kept its original name in the original games!

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Akira Yamaoka has left Konami and the Silent Hill games behind

Its a damn shame, she was the only remaining member of Team Silent. It seems that after 4 was released (Yes 4 is a good game its own right) nobody could capture the beauty of Silent Hill. Hell, I saw the first half hour of Shattered Memories gameplay and there's no horror or moments that will fright somebody. Not even fighting. If it wasn't for the fact that they directly took the main plot of the first game I wouldn't even recognize it. They are straying too far from the core.

Ah well, at least the questionnaire made me lol in the beginning.

Awwww shit

Nov. 3rd, 2009 02:43 pm
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God would somebody please shoot me? Cause next semester's schedule will anyway.

I don't even get to eat until 3 pm on some days what the hell. Unless I eat like at 9:30 in the morning which isn't really the best option and the school lunch areas aren't open anyway.

Gah mom wants to pick me up early today, I don't wanna go home and listen to brother's bitching and the same old fucking tirade of begging to use the internet. I really really wish my parents would realize its not a fucking crime for me to on the internet pass 9 pm. Im 18 years old, I shouldn't have to ask for internet access nor should I have an early "curfew" for it. It wasn't even okay when I was up at 12 am on a Saturday which also happened to be my birthday a few weeks ago. Saturday and Birthday, what's the big deal?

I should probably just be grateful that they are looking at changing the internet again and I get to visit my father on alternate weekends where he couldn't give a shit if I was up at 4 am.
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★ Landon, my new nephew was born late last night. He is adorable and I wish I could share pics >:

★ My laptop adapter gave out today ><;; thankfully I got it replaced but still, this is my third power adapter I've had since I got this Mac orz

★ I'm a bit unimpressed by this Gurren Lagann DVD, for one its only available in Japanese and I want to watch the dub of it D| Seriously why wouldn't they include the dub track on it? And the subs are alright but kinda meh in the way its done. When I've seen fansubs done nicer it makes it look bad. And the subs for the OP/ED are all in lowercase which bothers the hell out of me.

★ I also want to say hello to all my new friends from the friending meme /o/ my info stuff is located on my journal front page or my profile ~ Feel free to add my AIM or something XD;
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stupidity ahead, don't read if you wanna save your sanity. Also some ramblings about the fandom in general )

In other news. Mom wants to take me to a furniture store for my b-day. Yeah, I don't even know. At least I managed to convince her to take me to me to a four story arcade where there's one wall covered in only DDR machines 8D

I also apparently can't dress as Luigi for Halloween since mom doesn't want to take me to the Halloween store. So I want to dress as Heather for Silent Hill since that is relatively easy to do but Mom says its pointless since nobody would recognize me. Thanks Mom @_@

ETA: \o/ Finally got meebo working again~
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There are no words to how utterly messed up this is. A cherished and close loved one is not even allow to say their final goodbyes to someone

How heartless, how fucking screwed up it is.
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spoilers for gurren lagann )


Dear parents,

Having a ban on people of the Middle Eastern descent from holding jobs in the airline business due to the events of 9/11 is fucking racist and you know it.

Don’t give me that bullshit about we could have a repeat of 9/11 if we allow that. What if some Asians pulled the same act? Are we gonna ban every goddamn race until its only the whites in the business? Its. Racism. Get off your high horses and stop being close minded.


Does anybody know how to fix the wireless internet drivers on a vista? Seems to be the problem with my parents comp but I have no idea how to fix it….

Also I will get to drabbles later >>;
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Cut for family bullshit and me whining )

In less bawwing news, is there any kind of free software that transfers one iPod's contents to another? I'm thinking about getting a new iPod on my b-day since my 30GB one is getting old and I've used up most of the space.

Speaking of b-days, I've gotta call my dad's grandmother and ask if she'll make me a Stardust cake with blue colored cake fillings for my birthday ;3

In fandom news this is an awesome edited lyrics version of Sky Blue Days. Makes me wish those were the actual lyrics ;_;

ETA: wat

So I asked someone on Janime to make a banner of this and extend the yellow background spotlight whatever horizontally and make a nice textless banner. And she is laughing at me. What the shit, how is that looking bad?

ETA 2: What is this

Wry Japan, wry must the self insert be apart of Team Sat in TF4. And why must a really good pic be ruined by it >
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Sorry to anybody on my F-list who is guilty of this, but I'm sick of some people being constantly on fucking invisible all the time on IM. And its fine if you go on it occasionally or something, but when you never come on off it its irritating. How am I suppose to know when you're available? I would love to be able to talk to some of you on IM more, but I can't because you never come on available status.

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If any of you guys have gotten a message from my old IM address ( in mobile status over the past two days or something, its not me. Its my brother logging in there without my permission

ugh just fuck off please now.


Aug. 24th, 2009 08:47 pm
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So I technically dropped Yubel at adstring a while back. Which might have gone well and dandy but me and Qu (who plays Judai over there) wanted to do a nice fusion plot so she could gain a season 4ish Judai and Yubel would be a permanent NPC in the game.

Course, the mods have been taking forever to approve it :/ Its been three weeks since we've requested that plot and nothing from the mods. I call bullshit, I shouldn't have to wait this long. Especially since activity check is coming up soon and they'll drop my character automatically without being able to do a plot.


On a better note, I'm going to app a Rua at an rp me, Rhod and Qu are setting up though I am very tempted to app at axiom nexus since there's a Ruka there now |D

fuck it

Aug. 19th, 2009 06:57 pm
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I absolutely cannot believe this. I cannot believe he sunk this low.

Yeah, you guys probably heard about me bitching about my brother earlier this month right? He strikes again. This time I found out he swapped me and his television cable boxes.

Why did he do so? Because he knows Mom allows R/NC-17 stuff on my box because she knows I'm mature enough to handle that stuff.

He also stole $20 from me as well. He has no respect for me ever apparently.
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Its bad enough that its a crappy crossover of 5D's with Naruto and the only 5D's character in there(Yusei of course) does jack shit in the fic. And its a mpreg(though thank god Yusei isn't knocked up) annnd I haven't seen much of Naruto(only a few random episodes of some exam and the first ep) but I can tell Sasuke would never call Naruto "Naru-chan" which is pretty damn bad.

This is the kicker in the author's notes

"Edward: We have never watched yugioh 5ds, so if we get something wrong then please forgive us."

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My brother


my $50 headphones

I fucking killed him. But since he's lol only 12 he doesn't have to pay for them. And I'm probably going to get a cheap replacement instead >_>


Jul. 16th, 2009 02:39 pm
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NO mom cutting off the router's internet is NOT COOL when you don't tell me. ESPECIALLY when I am in the middle of doing something. It irritates me to death.

In other news I has a new layout, will probably bug somebody to make a decent header later >>;;

ETA: Entry number 200 \o/
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Oh god, my parents started bitching at me today cause guess what? I'm not passing French! Well first off, I've only had two minor quizzes, not really much to judge at all. Being that one of them was that retarded 40 verbs quiz. And second of all, the teacher is a dick. He only goes over things once maybe twice, he ousted a student out because it wasn't possible for her to complete homework assign the day before because she didn't have internet access, and he doesn't use any of the lesson plans or worksheets left by the old teacher. May I mention that the old teacher was born and raised in France and been teaching French for over 20+ years? The teacher this semester is a newb teacher and learned French as a second language. Yeah. And about half the class is failing or barely passing as well.

Argh, my parents are also enacting this shitty rule that I can't be on the internet past 8pm. So no more live 5D's for me it seems D:

Sorry guys I just had to rant about this


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