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Thanks in part to wiisaves, I've resumed playing Okami again and I'm almost done :D. I'm really impressed with the game itself, while it does draw from other adventure games, it does stand out on its own. Excellent game and I cannot wait to play the sequel.

Classes started today, so far its feeling a little less overwhelming, thanks in part to the first week mainly dedicated to introductions and the easy chapters. I just need to be on track of things.

My classes this semester:

Advanced Spreadsheet
Database Applications
Hardware/Software Support
Security Concepts
Introduction to Security
Systems Analysis & Design

All are online with the exception of the last one. You'd think online classes would be easy but I find them harder. Harder to meet face to face with classmates and the instructor along with my tendency to forget to check everyday >.>.
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Whelp I think I'm failing Database already. gj self. Mainly because the professor is uncooperative with the situations that turn up. I can't control that our bookstore took a week to order my books. I can't control that the online client for Access is fucked and won't work with the file so that its going to take a little while to buy the programs since they are about a hundred dollars sob.

Meep, why isn't the two legendaries of Pokemon Black and White not Light and Dark typed? It would be perfect typing for them. Fire and Electricity does not go well with them, especially the white one. Seemed like a perfect opportunity to introduce a Light Type.
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Hurr well I forgot to update yesterday about this, but my presentation went well. I had to present only in front of people I knew so not much in the nervous department ❤ But they took off points for me wearing flip flops :|a and they also let me watch another student's presentation. So all is well~~

In other news, I have to get my third Mac lappy charger in two years. I swear these things are so prone to failure compared my Vista (Which hasn't failed me in almost the same amount of time). Maybe I'll just wait till after the spring semester ends or something.


Apr. 25th, 2010 01:08 pm
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I haven't been posting a lot this weekend (either on here or on twitter), if you care to notice. Mainly since I've recently gotten CS3 to replace my CS4 demo I download last month. So far I like CS3 because separate windows are better then tabs and I like the overall interface better. Been making icons like crazy since then >3 Maybe I'll have a batch to post soon.

Then I have my senior project presentation tomorrow ;; So nervous.
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I hate my programming teacher, really she can't be assed to check her assignments more then once every week or so? And I have another group project for operating systems. Bad news is that everybody except me hasn't done a damn thing despite having only two weeks to do it and only one week left. Good news is that its just a two page paper I could do an hour or so and turn it in by myself while passing a note to the teacher of how the work was divided. Then my entire group except myself would get a 0 on something that's supposed to be 20% of our entire grade. Which would be mean but if they can't bother to respond to emails/pick a damn section to work on/do anything productive then they deserve it :|

In slightly happier news, I have a ficlet idea about Kazama and Dick Pitt being brothers and Takuya is the little nephew and they go out to visit Takuya's daddy's grave. And lament and crap.

I use too many ands.
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★ Prom! Prom was fabu. Especially taking my sister, who followed me around the whole time and acted cute |3 I'll get pics eventually and I am shocked that I was able to eat about three days worth of sugar and not get any digestion problems =w=

★ Silent Hill Shattered Memories makes me want to punch babies. Its so unscary to the point where I could play it (Which is saying a lot) You're never in any real danger ever and if you die, there's practically no penalty. And they turned an old evil cultist witch into a stripper slut who seduces the main character which makes me want to gag. Where is my blood and guts and deep symbolism?

★ I am going to watch this series. Somebody remind me when it starts up.
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Gah, the business club at school is selling frogs. The same ones I got for christmas in fact. But I'm upset over the fact that they are placing the frogs in smaller tanks (about half the size they are packaged in) and sometimes separating the little buggers. That's just not cool. They can't thieve in that kind of tank and its best to not disturb them.

But I've gotten into watching K-On! again since the second season has started airing and I want to keep up with another anime series again. Almost done with episode 10 now :)
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You know what? Fuck this group powerpoint project, I have worked my ass off just to get my teammates to communicate with me and nobody has made an attempt to talk to me unless I harass them. I feel bad about doing part of work without consulting my other teammates, but at this point I'm tired of it. I don't care. THE TEACHER WON'T EVEN GIVE ME THE PASSWORD TO THE QUIZ WTF I swear, its frustrating as all hell that not even the instructor will listen so I'll give a zero automatically because of her.

On an internet related topic, it also frustrates me that certain role play games on insane journal have a slot limit, meaning they can only have about a 100 or so characters in the game and no one else can join. Anybody can tell me why? I don't get how they have limit it, its even a worse turn off for me then it is for journal based games nowadays.
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A certain teacher of mine who teaches my online powerpoint classes has not put anything up to work on in the past two weeks since our midterm. On one hand, I'm tempted to be a good little student and notify them but on the other I know that I'll get credit for the class either way since I am passing-

Oh wait, I just checked, now she has stuff up for a final project. What the hell? We just had midterms two weeks ago and hnnnnnngh I have senior project to do >:[

*Brb wasting time on zOMG*


Mar. 25th, 2010 10:13 pm
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Ugh, I hate my Programming Professor. Her written work for us is ridiculously easy, as both the quizzes and the tests are the same thing and we discuss the questions beforehand. Even though the hands on parts blow, they aren't getting graded since we work in groups. She was also nasty to my adviser today, saying that I wouldn't have a chance at passing the exam for a class I'm trying to test out since I wasn't qualified :/ and I had to take the class to get qualified so what's the damn point. And the class is basic windows functions, something I can test out of easily. Ugh.

Also, I'm going to have to take three summer classes and seven fucking classes in the fall. *dead*


Mar. 23rd, 2010 03:41 pm
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Guess who has to go through a shitton of red tape to take a class at another school and may not even get into it? I wish I could stay another extra semester because god taking eight years worth of classes in five years is not possible >_< Even if I do get in, it means only 4 days of summar break ffffffffffu

And why did my adviser wait until now to tell me my senior project presentation is due next week? I have only got it half done in a half assed way. And I'm tempted to keep it in a half asssed way since you only get a pass or fail grade for the project.
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I've succumbed to the trend. Now go ask me questions and post your formsprings here so I can spam them =w=

And I have shared this wonder already on twitter, but here is a real question on my midterm, seriously.


Mar. 8th, 2010 02:17 pm
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I might get to have computer access after all during late May/early June when I'm usually without internet for a few weeks due to me taking summer classes at another college where the summer semester starts earlier.

Although why doesn't my college offer computer classes in the summer? Not enough money to fund the instructors. But enrollment in computer classes is much higher then say... pottery or cosmetics. Seriously every computer class I'm in is filled to the brim and you have to register within the first two days to even get a spot.

Ah well, I got a chocolate egg out of all of this :P
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I totally forgot posting this the other day but...

I love my adviser <3 She's such a sweet grandmother type

Also, I have begun to reuse my twitter account, feel free to add me <3
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Even though I clearly have enough games to play right now and I need to finish them all, I'm tempted to buy Drill Dozor for my DS. Even though I completed the game years ago and I could just go and download the emulator or something since my brother's copy disappeared quite some time ago. Because Drill Dozer seriously needs more love.

Plus my main comp can't run emulators and I can't use the rumble features D:

Somebody should stop me.


Ngh, I think my operating systems class and networking class stuff have started to mix together due to being somewhat similar. BUT I'm glad that most of the work I have for all my classes is messing on my computer, reading and taking tests <3~
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Introduction to Business 8:00am-9:15am
Break 9:15am-10:30am
Introduction to Prog and Logic 10:30am-12:50pm
Networking Concepts 1:00pm-3:00pm

The second class is going to kill me with the length. And I cannot stand having to eat at nine in the morning two hours after I ate breakfast. Bleh.


Dec. 15th, 2009 03:04 pm
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Well thanks English Professor for not giving me the C I worked my ass off to get. You stupidly decided to award the people did the exam on the due date a D just because we're lazy. Nevermind that I worked my butt off and passed the last three tests with flying colors to obtain a C. orz

Ngh I've got a Stats final tomorrow that I'm dreading, because I know I won't do well on it.
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.... Professor?

Why the fuck would you give me half credit for an assignment just because I turned it in on the last day for its deadline? No really, why? That makes no godamn sense. You might as well just trim the due date back a day.


Nov. 17th, 2009 01:42 pm
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Comp Professor, why did you give us half the time more then unusual to work on a round class things. Therefore I would have had to accept another freaking zero if it wasn't for a late assignment coupon.

Ah well, at least I'll probably be able to get my compy fixed to run keyhole today <3
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Great its storming outside since we're getting the ass end of topical storm system. I think I'm going to go home early :/

Although I would like to issue my computer class teacher a fuck you for giving me a zero on a test because I was sick yesterday. This is my first absence since the semester started and we've only got about 3 and half weeks left, cut me a little slack. Besides its online and you let us use all the notes anyway. Whats the big deal about going in and unlocked it for me?

Recently discovered my Cure account, for those who don't know about Cure its the biggest archive of cosplay photos, mostly featuring hot Asian chicks. Pretty fun stuff, especially when there's stuff on material thats only a few days old.


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