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Sho and Kiryu are sekirity cousins.

No really. They're so alike its scary.

→Both are rather slim built with light hair? Check Check.

→Both obsess over defeating a specific person? Check.

→Both quite couldn't give a damn over the overall goals of their organization? Check.

→Live Japan and in big cities(okay Satellite isn't a big city, but for Neo Domino overall with Satellite..)? Check.

→Killed by the person they wanted to hunt down? Check.

→Power hungry? Check.

→Crazy? Hell yeah.

→Have alternate forms? Check~~

I swear one of the writers must have played that game.

Anyways, I need to finish my sentence challenge over at [ profile] 1sentence. I am nearly done I swear @_@

Is there anybody willing to make a custom layout for me? I would love you forever <3 I really need a new one.


I has a twitter. Go poke me there if you wish. Also I has a fandom one too.
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So now that I have more then twenty minutes to a comp with internet although I should be studying shhh

TWEWY spoilers )
5D's 64 and third season spoilers )So anyways. About my net problems. Still not working. The problem is that the router is broke. And since we use a USB wireless phone card for internet, its hard to find a router that works for it. Any ones we can find are either too expensive are not compatible D| At this rate, I'll be lucky if we get a router by the time fall semester starts. Thankfully when my Mac is fixed so that the internet card works on it, I will be able to get on more. But since I have to share it, don't expect me to be on nearly as much either.

Lets see....argh I have to work long hours tomorrow geez. But at least my summer math class is going well

Argh, I miss rping. I had to freeze all my rp activities because I have no stable internet right now

I miss you guys, hopefully by the start of next week I'll be back. But I am holding no promises.
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I feel like a complete dumbass. For about a few days now, I have been stuck on a particular spot on TWEWY, its the Reaper Creeper. Its basically an Ouji board where you move a coin to one spot of the paper. I tapped the coin across the paper before realizing that I had to drag it *face fall* Ugh yeah, but otherwise my TWEWY experience has been great.

In fanfiction news, I'm almost done with the third Memoryless chapter, Im about 300 words away from completion ^^. This is my longest chapter yet, like about 2,000 words. Maybe more.

In real life news, I am actually passing Biology(with a C). Which surprises even me since its I am doing the worst in that class ^^;. Ah well, Im just happy that I am passing it~
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Wow, I <3 TWEWY, its so rich in animation, color, and sound. The animation is the best damn 2-D animation I've seen on a DS yet, and while the sprites are somewhat fugly, the cut outs of the characters are awesome. I adore the music, its mostly vocal music with a J-Pop feel to it, which I love <3. Im currently on the third day of the first characters BTW.

Ok, so apparently some "news" has been ciculating around that 5D's is going to end with only 52 episodes and for only 1 season. However until I here from NAS themselves that 5D's is going to be that short, Im currently calling this bullshit. For one, YGO stills makes plenty of money to keep NAS and Konami satisfied, so why would they kill a cash cow thats still valuable? Second, there is still way too many loose ends that couldn't be fixed in 20 something episodes. Where and who is the final Signer? Who is the ultimate evil? What about Aracadia and its motives? What about Aki's past, plus Jack and Yusei's? What about the social divide in Neo Domino and Satelitte? Not to mention that its likely that the characters will travel to South America at some point and that Yusei(or probably Jack ATM) is going to get an evil side for tradition's sake. Lastly the only source that is confirming this is ANN which is infamous for reporting rumors as being true. Plus the article only refering to the dub version. 4Kids could easily drop 5D's(they did so with GX's final season)after the first season. Its probably too awesome for 4Kids to handle anyways XD.

Cut because the rest is kinda long )


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