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I need somebody who's played Okami the whole way through. I have one question. Is it still possible to play your old save after beating the final boss or must you be required to play New Game + derp derp.

Also I has a plurk for keeping up with friends and people in games. Go add me.
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Ugh maybe today I'll finally get my door back on. It's been removed for about a month because my parents don't like me locking it. As long as they don't keep adding shit for me to do to earn it back. Especially when they promised to put it back two weeks ago @_@ Would be nice to be able to change in my room or not having people openly entering my room to their leisure.

On a positive note, I've been having good luck on the zOMG! MMO on Gaia when it comes to random crews in Shallow Sea. It's notoriously hard to find a good crew that doesn't suck by dropping out or inviting people who are too low among other things. Hell I've had crews that have left me to die while fighting mobs. It's a refresher and brings in the gold ❤ ❤ ❤
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I hate to be spamming, but my Wii won't load my Okami save files right now. All it says is that there is no save files on the Wii's hard drive. Yet when I check data management, the file for Okami shows up fine. Could somebody have deleted my progress and it would still show up on data management or do I need to move it to my SD card or something?
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Is it bad that I first thought the slider thing was a joystick? And I'm probably gonna get that Kid Icarus game, just for the shinys and to tide me over until something else comes along .Lulz at Satori Iwaki calling Kid Icarus a well recognized game when I doubt most people would recognize him if it weren't for Brawl.
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So I'm possibly getting both Heart Gold and Soul Silver games, one do actual intelligent trainer crap like actually raising a full team of six pokes instead of just your starter >> and not using rare candies for cheap leveling up and the other to go full out old school style. If only I could trade the GB player over, that would be fucking awesome.

And then there's Reverse of Arcadia, the third starforce game and the Edgy Phoenix Wright game

Damn, my budget can't handle all this ;;
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Okay Immi I was wrong 8| )

And in non 5D's related news!

★ I'm watching the [ profile] gurren_lagann community like a hawk for any signs of a non-torrent version of Lagann-hen. Hopefully one will be available by this weekend so I can watch with Icey~

★ Mom has strep throat ><;; and is mostly sleeping through the day, but still helping out when I can

★ For some reason, I have been compelled to start back on watching a play through on Bully again, if only because its amusing and I got bored at 2am this morning.

dear lord

Jan. 20th, 2010 10:01 pm
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5,000 texts a month sister?! I don't care if a portion of it is sent texts. That is insane. Christ I barely send more then 30 a month...

In less appalling news, I've completed the main storyline of PMD: Sky, now to set it aside to play either Stardust Accelerator or some Megaman Starforce 8D
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Even though I clearly have enough games to play right now and I need to finish them all, I'm tempted to buy Drill Dozor for my DS. Even though I completed the game years ago and I could just go and download the emulator or something since my brother's copy disappeared quite some time ago. Because Drill Dozer seriously needs more love.

Plus my main comp can't run emulators and I can't use the rumble features D:

Somebody should stop me.


Ngh, I think my operating systems class and networking class stuff have started to mix together due to being somewhat similar. BUT I'm glad that most of the work I have for all my classes is messing on my computer, reading and taking tests <3~
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Okay, I think Bidoof is now my new favorite pokemon now.

Blame Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, they make him a lovable woobie ;; And speaking of PMD I am impressed at how good the story is, considering pokemon games have little plot, so to speak. This one is actually deep, and its probably even deeper then the first games. Except I hate the main character Deux Ex Machina powers >><<;;

OH I also got a Shaymin stylus today :3, along with the first Megaman Starforce game since it was only about ten dollars
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★ Revamped my info page, you'll find it as the second entry on my journal

★ Still haven't decided whether or not to get the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks or the newest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for myself. Or just save my money for HGSS. Anybody wanna sway me?

This is an amazing pokemon remix.

★ I'm probably going to look up some video walkthroughs for Silent Hill Shattered Memories, even if the game doesn't look that appealing to me ><;;

★ Good Luck to Gale on her final tomorrow ~ ♥♥♥♥
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★ Internet at home has finally gotten switched over to a regular service provider. No more limited bandwidth that gets eaten up quickly, avoiding streaming/downloading or parents being controlling over it ~

★ +1 Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations ~ I'll play it soon :3 I also have an adorable Zelda beanie that I will take pics of later ~

★ Tooth area is healing up nicely, feels good to munch on solid food again.
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So yesterday I was all busy, so busy and didn't get go online much orz

I got to see Landon ~ Sooo cute, and he's so limber too when he is asleep XD; He's like a ragdoll

Then, we came home and got dressed for trick or treating. Brother and sister and their two friends went as KISS while I put on some generic costume to greet the kids. And I totally didn't sneak a few myself.

Afterwards, we had a party with a friend's family which involved pizza and cake. How fabulous. Oh and mom let me try tequila for the first time. Nasty shit I tell ya. Sniped each other playing Medal of Honor and played pool for an hour before running like hell back home because it was pouring ><;;

Washed off, beat Mario and Luigi 3 finally and re watched the four part Gurren Lagann finale. How fun :3
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Happy Halloween bitches ~

So whats everybody dressing up as?

Completely unrelated but brb gonna level up in Mario and Luigi 3, limited turns to attack the final final boss is a bitch since I spend it mostly healing D|

Also [ profile] hideously apparently Saitou is one of the hottest anime characters of all time. o.o
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Because I have succombed to a website called blingee orz

Almost done with Mario and Luigi 3, just gotta wrap up some stuff and get cracking on the final dungeon ~
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Been afk all day due to shopping trips, but before I get to that lets down to some other stuff first :D

Spoilers for Survivor )

School: My Adviser is a Badass Grandma in disguise. No seriously! She saw that the administrator fucked up next year's schedule for me and she got on their asses about it. She rocks and I love her for it.

Lets see, today I went shopping at the outlet malls today with birthday money. Since it was about an hour away from the house and because I had plenty of money~ Bought some Gurren Lagann DVDs and Code Geass manga/novel. I now own the beginning episodes of Code Geass in about three different formats XD;

ALSO holy shit I just found out that the kooplings are going to be in Super Mario Bros Wii 8D I want that game now just because of that because the kooplings are seriously so ignored.

Fangirling over 5Ds spoilers, plz ignore )

I need to answer to memes and tags orz
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huge video game meme under here )
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spoilers for Mario and Luigi 3 )

And Kirby Super Star Ultra had a pokemon parody in it. Which made me lol so hard.

ffff <3~

Oct. 12th, 2009 04:45 pm
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\o/ I has Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. The game is so fun with all these brilliant touches like unique controls, Fawful’s lines (I loled hard at “A Winner is You!”) and Luigi being a total lovable dork as always <3

And the clerks at GameStop were so nice, they even informed me I could start reserving on Heart Gold and Soul Silver, so I did do so now that I have fund complete for it.

Damn I wanna see the YGO OVA so bad ;o;


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