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some pointless commentary and images )

And the 10th anniv of YGO is getting an info/art book of sorts? Do WANT ;A;
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My parents wake me up at 7 am and they wonder why I am an ill bitch @_@ Word of advice, don't wake me up that early on a Saturday morning.

On the other hand, dub 5D's was amusing. THEY LEFT JACK PUNCHING YUSEI IN YES~~~

Seriously I didn't think it would make it in, even though they did cut out the rest. Still, Im surprised that they left the correction punch in.

Now Im waiting on next week for the epic OH NOEZ moment XD~

Also pimping the new rp advice meme because it needs more replies T_T
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~They kept Ccapac Apu's name, well sans the God part but still that makes me happy ^^ except Kiryu/Kalin pronounces it Cocopac Apu XD

~ ><;; I hate it that they added so much talking and music when Yusei crashed. Part of the reason why it was so powerful is because of the wonderful silence

~ I loled when they flipped Yusei over and painted away the chunk of debris caught in his mid section. Because everybody freaked out when dub Yusei looks better then he did after the final duel with Jack XD

~Martha has a nice voice <3

~"He has some bruising on his right side" >>;; Yeaaah
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Hey Hey Hey guys! I have a computer I can use for the weekend 8D

And I passed all my classes. I got a perfect score in college English. College English I can hardly believe it!

Also, since the season 2 5D's dub is airing within minutes of me typing XD I actually haven't watched 25-26 but bah there's nothing to see other then Rexy declaring himself the fifth signer~~
spoilers if you don't live on the east coast~~ )
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Jesus Christ, Leo is so whiny ><;

Dueling Sleepover, ha ha

At least Blister still has that "I don't give a shit" demeanor...

Aww, they cut out Jack punching Bommer. Which reminds me, why is his punch so wimpy in that episode, but in episode 43 its pretty strong?

And another question, who made that dinner for Yusei and the twins?

I don't think the bus driver knew Saiga personally in the original...

D'aww his little brother whose so not sekirity Demak XD

God, Leo is so raspy

Can't wait for the next episode, since I wanna see how they are going to handle the ending XD
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Is it just me or am I and a only like 2 other people commenting weekly on the dub. Ah well the Fortune Cup doesn't have much content that would get edited or BSed anyway, at least compared to the Dark Signers Arc. Man, I can't wait to see how they are going to handle all the shit going down in that arc.
my thoughts on it )
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I swear my internet hates me -_-

Anyways, I also need to watch the original 5D's on a real tv for once. I've seen most of dub 5D's on a tv but not the Japanese version wtf XD.

The ep was pretty good, dunno why they shorten Professor Frank's name to just Professor. But he has a better voice, and no Saaaa~ thank god cause that pissed me so much in the original.

And I'm fairly certain that Rua didn't think that his sister talking to duel spirits was a bunch of BS in the original.

Akutsu singing along to Hyper

They actually kept the text on the articles...

Um don't really like Ancient Fairy Dragon's dub voice, it had some effects added in like I suspected. And it sounds kinda familiar..

Kuribon has the same voice as all the other dub Kuri's have. Don't understand why they couldn't leave its voice alone..
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~Shadow Reaper O.o didn't hear than the Japanese version

~Hunter's voice is blah

~Little Satellite who could? XDDD

~LOL they kept the underwear shot yes XDD

~Paint edit on that sign right after the first commecial break~

~LOL at the jokes about Yusei's smiling~

~Argh flashbacks unesscassry ones too ><

~Yusei still sounds constipated when he groans...

~stop with the card explainations >><<

~God why did the lessen the emotion and tension of the god draw?

~Run out of gas, don't you mean Momemtum XDD

~Its seems like Jack is more aware that theres something going on...
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Ruka's growing on me, I guess getting used to her sugary voice

mmm...didn't like the fact that the Aki/Yusei staredown wasn't silent, but at least the BGM was fairly quiet

God, *shakes head* not 4Kids fault, but I hate that this episode had such shitty animation

Ah Divine, so ironic that this week is your debut in the dub, but you do happen to have a decent voice

Props to 4kids for keeping Akiza quiet when she's suppose to.

Akiza's too high pitched, childish and loud I suppose?

I wish they hadn't cut the Syncho Speeches, I liked them..

Did they wipe the blood from Gill's cheek, meh I expected it

So Gill can call Akiza a witch, but they couldn't leave the name Black Rose Witch fully in? Huh?

Yeah Yeah, we already know about BRD attributes already jeez..

Gill's acting at the end was so bad...

Wtf is with Godwin's voice at the end?
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Meh, been playing this hack called Pokemon: Shiny Gold since last night. For those who don't know, its a hack of Fire Red to make it look like an remade version of G/S. Its a pretty nice game and very nostagic since Gold was one of first handheld games and on of my favorites.

Anyhow onto the dub episode~
Cut for length and spoilers for those not on the East Coast~ )
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Hooray for being on the East Coast and being able to watch this shit the earliest

I like the conversation that Luna and Leo had at the beginning, too bad Dexter's voice is so painful to listen to ><; and Mina <3 cause she's Jack's personal handler and she's the only voice that improved in the dub imo

I also liked the Hyper Drive bit, probably because its the only music in the dub I like.

DM references are <3<3<3 Kudos to 4kids for mentioning Joey and getting that guy voiced by him

and kudos to them again for mentioning a couple times that this series is more than card games damn straight

But my only big grip in this episode is Akiza's voice, I really don't like it, but I expected it to be unfitting
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Episode was just..meh, it was practically nothing but dueling, and as we all know Starry doesn't like those types of eps :P

GX references ftw~ Even though I don't care much about either "Truesdale" or Phoenix, it was still a nice throwback there. But I suppose neither of them are actually still in the Pro Leagues around the time of 5D's, however they could be hailed as legendary duelists by now which wouldn't surprise me.

Im fairly certain that part of Blisters flashback got cut, but I was only paying half my attention to the tv so I may be wrong. And a shot of Yusei getting zapped was cut I believe as well, but most of the zapping is intact

Is it just me or does Leo sound different than he did in the dub 13 preview? He sounds less scratchy, which its great that Veronica(whom I adore as a VA) is getting better hold of his voice.
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~Blister doesn't have a cowboy accent D:, but his dub voice is good otherwise

~Bar scene was mostly intact, they didn't keep one of the customers talking to Yusei, and its quieter in the dub, but otherwise its intact

~Yusei..Adams? LOLOLOL

~Arrow(Yuji's dub name)? What the hell...

~"Im coming for you Yusei!" -Trudge XDDDDD

~They added a lot of talking when Yusei sneaks in the building

~Trudge thinks that Yusei likes him XDDD oh lawd and Trudge will never stop chasing Yusei. 4Kids likes YuseixTrudge XD

~Ummm nothing really interesting about the duel other than Trudge calls Yusei a sewer rat which is about as close to Satelite scum as we are going to get
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Heh, after a long hiatus I finally get around to posting my thoughts on the 5D's dub.

~They kept a lot of the Yusei shock treatment untouched. Which is a surprise, but Yusei sounds constipated when he grunts XD

~Oh Alex, you are so not totally into Yusei XDD

~Gah I hate the card explanations, I am fairly sure that knows Call of the Haunted effects anyways

~I actually like the Chief better in the dub but thats probably because he doesn't blow nose hairs anymore


~Big Brother it? lol oh 4Kids, your adult jokes aren't so subtle XDD


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