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Hur Hur I have finally gotten my 10th anniv YGO animation book. It is glorious and beautiful and has epic full color pictures and poses of just about anybody in the series. I love it <3

And tomorrow is HG SS day! How many of you guys on my f-list are getting both games 8D?

Oh dear

Oct. 27th, 2009 04:27 pm
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On the YGO crossover movie

Summary translation provided by some dude at Pojo

"Yusei will be using polite language when addressing Judai and Yugi.

The Judai is in fact the one that's after GX is over.

Yugi/Atem is more of a support-type role this time around, with most of the movie having Judai and Yusei as the main characters."

/hides under her heatproof shelter

How much you guys want to bet this makes fandom wank/secrets? The Purists will be pissing blood over this.

Meanwhile, I'll just be over in my corner of content over the movie, eating popcorn. Anybody wanna join?
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Episode was just..meh, it was practically nothing but dueling, and as we all know Starry doesn't like those types of eps :P

GX references ftw~ Even though I don't care much about either "Truesdale" or Phoenix, it was still a nice throwback there. But I suppose neither of them are actually still in the Pro Leagues around the time of 5D's, however they could be hailed as legendary duelists by now which wouldn't surprise me.

Im fairly certain that part of Blisters flashback got cut, but I was only paying half my attention to the tv so I may be wrong. And a shot of Yusei getting zapped was cut I believe as well, but most of the zapping is intact

Is it just me or does Leo sound different than he did in the dub 13 preview? He sounds less scratchy, which its great that Veronica(whom I adore as a VA) is getting better hold of his voice.
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Holy fucking Jesus, how can this show be so gay, emotional, hilarious, and epic at the same time, it blows my mind 0_0
Spoilers.. )
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Title: Killer
Archive: FFN
Rating: T for blood and violence
Pairings: None
Genre: Crime
Word Count: 600 words
Summary: An extension into the murder scene in episode 34. Contains spoilers for Episode 34
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spoilers )

Can somebody please help me convince a friend that 5D's is like, the best YGO series ever and that he needs an LJ so that he can meet all you awesome people
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Heh, after a long hiatus I finally get around to posting my thoughts on the 5D's dub.

~They kept a lot of the Yusei shock treatment untouched. Which is a surprise, but Yusei sounds constipated when he grunts XD

~Oh Alex, you are so not totally into Yusei XDD

~Gah I hate the card explanations, I am fairly sure that knows Call of the Haunted effects anyways

~I actually like the Chief better in the dub but thats probably because he doesn't blow nose hairs anymore


~Big Brother it? lol oh 4Kids, your adult jokes aren't so subtle XDD


Oct. 26th, 2008 09:56 am
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Total 30 icons

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

HERE @ [ profile] starrystyle
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Wow, I <3 TWEWY, its so rich in animation, color, and sound. The animation is the best damn 2-D animation I've seen on a DS yet, and while the sprites are somewhat fugly, the cut outs of the characters are awesome. I adore the music, its mostly vocal music with a J-Pop feel to it, which I love <3. Im currently on the third day of the first characters BTW.

Ok, so apparently some "news" has been ciculating around that 5D's is going to end with only 52 episodes and for only 1 season. However until I here from NAS themselves that 5D's is going to be that short, Im currently calling this bullshit. For one, YGO stills makes plenty of money to keep NAS and Konami satisfied, so why would they kill a cash cow thats still valuable? Second, there is still way too many loose ends that couldn't be fixed in 20 something episodes. Where and who is the final Signer? Who is the ultimate evil? What about Aracadia and its motives? What about Aki's past, plus Jack and Yusei's? What about the social divide in Neo Domino and Satelitte? Not to mention that its likely that the characters will travel to South America at some point and that Yusei(or probably Jack ATM) is going to get an evil side for tradition's sake. Lastly the only source that is confirming this is ANN which is infamous for reporting rumors as being true. Plus the article only refering to the dub version. 4Kids could easily drop 5D's(they did so with GX's final season)after the first season. Its probably too awesome for 4Kids to handle anyways XD.

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Spoilers for 5D )
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I have a french test on Tuesday, so at least I can together with my mentor before the test

Thank God its not a Wednesday, because right after I finish watching 5D's I go to that class and my brain is usually all hyped up on 5D's XD

Anyways, Im almost done with Season 4 of GX, will probably watch the rest of the Haruhi series, and after that maybe Higurashi ^^
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Seriously its like 60 F out here and its pouring down rain. And Im wearing shorts and flip flops XD. Oh well, at least Im inside now.

I watched episode 24, loved it. But I can't wait for the next episode. It has flashbacks of Yusei/Jacks past ^^.

Meme time~

Sep. 5th, 2008 10:09 pm
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Meme I found randomly, and its on shipping.

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