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I think me and Nina found the real reason GX was canceled.

Illusion of Gaia = GX's third season trufax

the teal deer explanation )
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Gah I caught my Stats Proff looking at my computer screen twice in the past week. What I do on the comp is none of his damn business. He should be grateful he didn't look while I was viewing some of my pron doujins |D

In other news today is Fall Fest at the college and thats means lots of food and getting to roll around in a giant plastic ball today :D

In fandom news, there's a new remix for Precious Times Glory Days. My opinion is that its meh, not good enough voices or uses of different instruments.
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This is what happens when you get a couple of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fangirls and have them comment on an episode that another fangirl is watching for the first time.

You produce this hideous thing

Cut for log, spoilers to GX 106, and horrible off color jokes )
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Um no

Fuck it Adstring, you told me and Qu twice to wait until another mod could be contacted for our fusion plot. Now, when Qu got on your ass about it again since activity check is in a few days and we needed to do this NOW so I don't get auto dropped. You, single mod who didn't contact the other mod at all told us we couldn't because Yubel wouldn't be appable anymore and it would be like playing two characters for Qu.


First off, nobody ever plays Yubel. With maybe the exception of Qu herself, Cyn, Rhod and me. Which is a very small group. Still.. the chances of her getting apped again are slim to none.

Second. YUBEL AND JUDAI ARE THE SAME PERSON POST-FUSION DAMMIT 8U and besides a post fusion Yubel never interacts with anyone besides Judai anyway

Just really stupid and really couldn't we have been told that weeks ago :/

*works on chaos theory app*


May. 4th, 2009 01:07 pm
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I really need to use this journal more often. FINALS HAVE BEEN DISTRACTING YES.

Anyways, I'll be gone from teh interwebz from May 15 to June 3 ehh maybe 4. I dunno, mostly because I won't have access to a computer except for maybe one weekend when I can mooch off a relative's one XD

And this

GLL99 is subbing the first season of GX!!! Hells yeah! For those who aren't GX fans, finding subs of the first and second seasons are so difficult to find ><;;; I even think that most of the episodes aren't even subbed outside of HK ones. Which are crap translations.

My app for the [ profile] digital_dive still hasn't been approved even though it was submitted a week and a half ago and I sent new samples a week earlier ><;; I know that the mods are busy, but I mean, capeandcowl only took two days to approve an app that was twice as long as my Kiryu app.
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Real Life

sjadlj;laf; I got a job today! Yay! Okay so its currently mainly volunteer shit at the local library. But I don't care, as long as I get to finally start working and earn experience!

School today was pretty short. We watched videos in french class, we did a 4 question sheet in Sociology (Not kidding here), Biology Lab was only looking at slides and getting answers from the book, and Seminar was only 30 minutes long. Really easy and didn't really feel like school. Not complaining at all, I'm rather happy about it :D

And tomorrow is not only 5D's but I get to hang out with a bunch of pokemon nerd tomorrow night. It shall be a fun night indeed :D

Future episode title and summary for 5D's, so Im LJ cutting it )

And for the GX fans here is a pretty good Higurashi opening parody(yes I know that a lot of them have been done on YGO but this one is recent) on Judai and Johan :D
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omg only 5 days until christmas? Holy crap how time flies 0_o. Im just glad that I have everything done for Christmas already. And I can't wait to go and visit my relatives too~

And holy fucking shit *points to icon*, Johan is in the GX manga! YEEESSSS~ I always wanted him to appear but never thought they would actually do it. So I am very very happy about this. I just hope they keep the relationship between him and Judai the same for obvious reasons

Umm..also does anybody have any recomendations for the PS3? We just got one and the only games I know Im going to get is GTA: 4 and Kingdom Hearts. But for the most part I have no clue on what games are on it *is a Nintendo fangirl*. So if anybody wants to pimp their fav PS3 games, do it here

OMG yes~

Sep. 25th, 2008 04:14 pm
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I finally finished my Math online work, that stuff took me forever to finish. But I talked to my counselor today, and she said after this semester, I don't have to take anymore math classes other than Statistics. Thank God since since I am tired of Math.

And I have an idea for a Fan OP video for GX. Hopefully I will do it this weekend when I have time and resources.

Speaking of GX, incase you haven't noticed, I have changed the look on my Journal now, thanks so much to Yunie for the beautiful background~ And I am also using GX mood themes, even though I haven't uploaded them all to my account because I am lazy :p


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