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Different from the normal spazzings, this time I'm gonna tackle the mind screw.

How did Bruno manage to hide his D-Wheel for starters under the ocean without it deteriorating or rusting to complete hell is rather easy. I believe that since Bruno is hinted to come from another world (either from different planet or the future, which I am leaning on the latter) his Delta Eagle is super advanced enough to make it water proof and could lay undisturbed for a period of time. Like the tenors, its pretty clear that Bruno probably shares a similar connection to his D-Wheel.

Moving on, Momentum is essentially a form of Spiral Energy. It's been said to be an ancient substance in canon, having both a hand in the creation of the Crimson Dragon and its servants and the Earthbound Gods. Therefore it can create and destroy. And the Plantary Particle Project was about converting it to use with modern technology and harnessing it. Yusei has a special connection to it, which is why he survived falling into the pit in episode 57, why he was chosen by a God and that he can achieve Accel Synchro.

Bruno is from the same world as the tenors, and I'm betting by the end of the arc he will die or be destroy, since his sole purpose for existing is helping Yusei and stopping the tenors.

Going into the slipstream allows for one to cross into a higher plane, a different reality. The plane ZONE resides in is the highest, followed by a midpoint plane used for accel synchros or traveling across space, then normal earth. Yusei's vision of Shooting Star Dragon was a creation of his mind brought on by Momentum reading his heart or some shit. It also explains why Shooting Star Dragon resembles the assbaby of Wisel and Stardust, because it was born out of his fear of Wisel.

Despite what people have said about ZONE, I doubt he is Paradox and the similarities are coincidences. Paradox is more likely to come from the same world as the tenors/Bruno/ZONE, but he branched off into a separate path and went off on his own. ZONE is more likely to be a distant future version of Yusei from the doomed world, in which he became a god due all of the momentum he produced/used and his godly dueling abilities. Thus somehow his body warped and became unrecognizable. He sealed himself inside that shrimp form to put his body in suspended animation and preserve it for a long time.

Lastly, I don't think the tenors are robots, but instead the humans from the future are so super advanced, they can become one with their machines so to speak.

/rolls off to do productive things

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