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Good morning folks, its PSA time, and this time its on... Livejournal itself! Now in case you don't keep up with Livejournal's news posts, I want you to take a look at this.

What does it mean?

It means that among other updates, anybody with an account here can crosspost their Livejournal comments into tweets or Facebook status updates.

Why is this a bad thing?

Now, I like crossposting, I myself use a program that transfers my plurks into tweets. But that is different, it is something I have complete control over.

This is not, it allows you to publish comments made on friends locked, screened or filtered entries. Essentially whenever you crosspost a comment, your friends over at Facebook or twitter can see what you wrote on somebody else's private entry, the subject line of the entry and the username will be visible.

Take this scenerio in hand, a woman who owns a facebook for her irl contacts (including her boss) and livejournal publishes an f-locked entry on Livejournal of her bitching out at her horrible boss. A friend of hers comments while quoting parts of the entry and crossposts it to her facebook. Since her friend happens to be friends with the first woman's boss's relative, word travels back to the boss and she might get fired over that.

As you can see, its a violation of privacy and pretty much defeats the purpose of friendslocking stuff now.

What can we do?

Comment on the entry posted above, vote on this poll. Let your voice be heard.

Wtf why haven't they disabled the feature by now?

I cannot give a answer. But I suspect Livejournal has made a contract with Twitter and Facebook about this, but so far this news report here says nothing about money exchanging hands. If a contract has been made, then they would have to set up another meeting with the bigwigs before Livejournal can disable this disaster.


Many members have jumped ship and moved their journals to Dreamwidth for a secure site with staff who care about their userbase. It is also easy to import your entire journal over there with this nifty tool (note: You have to be logged in to see it). All you need is an invite code, and I have some to spare so don't be afraid to ask :).

Are you moving Starry?

No, not yet. I have too many friends and communities here I deeply care about to prevent me from moving.

In short, I recommend not posting anything that deserves a friendslock for the time being.


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